Compilation of all Press Releases published by the Global Network of Rainbow Catholics since its foundation.


PR N°18: March 16, 2021. Catholic Groups Worldwide Remind the Vatican that “What God Has Made Clean, You Are Not to Call Profane”

PR N°17: March 3, 2021. Global Catholic Group Calls on Pope and the Vatican to Condemn Violence Against LGBTIQ People in Ghana “The eyes of the world are now turned towards Ghana”


PR N°16: October 21, 2020. “The GNRC endorses Pope Francis and his comments related to give support to same-gender unions”

PR N°15: September 2, 2020. “Global Catholic Group calls on Vatican to Reverse Recent Positions that Harm and Dehumanize LGBTIQ+ Catholics and their Families”

PR N°14: June 16, 2020. “There are still multiple forms of Church influenced discrimination in the 21st Century”

PR N° 13: June 11, 2020. “Welcoming and listening to LGBTIQ+ people and their families – not banning – is the call by Pope Francis to our Shepherds”

PR N°12: May 1, 2020. “We rejoice at Pope Francis’ action in helping a group of transgender women, because the Gospel is about examples of love beyond words”


PR N°11: July 24, 2018. LGBT Catholic Groups Ignored by Vatican WMoF: The GNRC is “deeply dismayed and disappointed” by the lack of response from officials overseeing the World Meeting of Families 2018 in Dublin, Ireland.

PR N°10: June 19, 2018. GNRC declares: “The Church is evolving in our affirmation and inclusion as LGBTI individuals but our families do exist and should be included in their recognition and dignity”


PR N°9: December 4, 2017. Almost 100 LGBTIQ Catholics from 35 countries gathered in Munich-Dachau: Results of the 2nd Assembly of the Global Network of Rainbow
Catholics “Hear a Just Cause” (Psalm 17,1) 


PR N°8: December 8, 2016. GNRC declares: There is no contradiction between being LGBTI and a religious vocational call

PR N°7: October 4, 2016. GNRC declares: The exaggerated rhetoric of Pope Francis against “gender” exposes the contradictions in his pastoral care for LGBTI people.

PR N°6: August 4, 2016. GNRC declares: Gender Identity is not a social trend or a sin against God

PR N°5: June 27, 2016. Pope`s apology to gays: “There are people we Christians could have defended and we didn´t”

PR N°4: June 19, 2016. GNRC calls on Pope Francis to condemn all LGBTQI hate and violence

PR N°3: April 11, 2016. Response of the GNRC to Amoris Laetitia: If the door is still not unlocked, maybe the key is under the mat?


PR N°2: October 25, 2015. Response of the GNRC to the Synod of Bishops Final Report: A new era for inclusive pastoral care of LGBT people is going to start after the Synod

PR N°1: October 3, 2015. GNRC responds to the Coming Out of Monsignor Charamsa