Next Contemplative Spiritual Formation Gathering

(You can find the Spanish version of this post here)

The GNRC Contemplative Spiritual Formation committee invites you to its bi-weekly contemplative gathering at a new time and day: Starting on July 31, we’ll be meeting every second Saturday. Frank Testin – one of our CSF Committee members – would like to extend you a warm invitation and reffer you briefly about what our contemplative spiritual formation gathering includes and celebrates.

Please extend the invitation to anyone else you know who may be interested.

Theme: “The Contemplative Pathway”

During this session we will have:

  • Opening spoken prayer
  • Check-in
  • Christian Meditation – Silent Prayer
  • Video of a talk by Richard Rohr “The Contemplative Pathway” and shared reflection
  • Closing spoken prayer

Date and Schedule: Our next Contemplative Spiritual Formation Gathering will be on Saturday, August 14th at:

8 a.m. Vancouver / San Francisco

9 a.m. Calgary / Denver

10 a.m. Chicago / Winnipeg / Mexico City 

11 a.m. Toronto / New York

12 noon Sao Paulo / Buenos Aires / Halifax

4 p.m. London

5 p.m. Hamburg / Cairo

11 p.m. Manila, Singapore

How to connect to the Contemplative Spiritual Formation Gathering?

Our Contemplative Spiritual Formation Gathering is held every two weeks in the “Online Meditation Chapel: An interfaith meditation community.”.

We will be meeting in the Gaia Chapel of the online Meditation Chapel.  If you are a first-time user of the chapel, we ask you to do the following in advance, in order to join us:

  1. See the Meditation Chapel website that can be found here to learn what it has to offer us.
  2. Register to become a user.  You will be asked to follow the rules of conduct. Register as a chapel user here.
  3. At our start time click on the link for the Gaia Chapel which will be sent to your registered email once you register. Bookmark this link because it will the same for all future gatherings of the Rainbow Contemplatives (the name of our group).

Saturday’s program can be found here. (For those who have already registered with the Meditation Chapel, the link to the Gaia room can be found at the top of the program.)

Remember that our contemplative spiritual formation gahering is celebrated in English. If you want to receive the next dates for our scheduled gatherings, please send an email to (English and Tanagol), (English and French) or (English, Spanish and German).

Hope you can join us!


Contemplative Spiritual Formation Committee