Donate to the Global Network of Rainbow Catholics

Donate and help us in our mission of full inclusion, dignity, equality and affirmation of LGBTIQ Catholics and their families in the Church and general society worldwide. Your contribution will help sustain the projects where GNRC is involved, as well as the day-to-day management costs of the network. It is important to note that The GNRC Board are all volunteers, so all donations made will be used for the good works of GNRC. GNRC has a part-time contracted IT person. Our only source of funds is the fees our members pay. All donations made will go into the general running of our projects.

How to Donate

GNRC uses the PayPal online payment service, a safe and easy platform to operate. Your donation will be made in Euros based in the currency exchange rate from your original currency declared in the same PayPal platform. Please bear in mind that your transfer could include an additional fee depending on the terms and conditions of your own PayPal account. So, please check with them to calculate the amount you will transfer to GNRC.

Also, please note that GNRC is a non-profit organisation registered in Rome, Italy. So, for legal and tax purposes, GNRC is part of the European Union. In case you donate from countries outside the European Union, we suggest you check to see if any type of special taxes apply or for deductions are applied to your donation.

To transfer your donation, please visit the GNRC PayPal Account GNRCfinance link or click on the PayPal Heart icon below.

GNRC Donate Button

If you would like to discuss an alternative way to donate or support GNRC, please contact us through the following email and mention “Donate Intention to GNRC” in the Subject field of your email. Additionally, if you would like to receive a transfer receipt, please advise us of that at the same email account.

Thanks in advance for your donation, and may God bless your kind contribution, which gives support and fruitful growth for Rainbow Catholics and their families worldwide!