Our LGBTIQ Catholic Books compilation includes some remarkable suggested readings on Pastoral Care, Theology, Witness and Chronicles/History. Even we don´t know from  where to start as there are so many options and all come from incredible rainbow catholic authors.

Catholic Books on Pastoral Care

Find the full list of Catholic Books on Pastoral Care to the LGBTIQ community and their families here.

New! Building a Bridge – Author: Father James Martin sj. Chinese / English / Dustch / German / Italian / Korean / Lithuanian / Spanish : Martin uses the image of a two-way bridge to enable LGBT Catholics and the Church to come together in a call to end the “us” versus “them” mentality. Turning to the Catechism, he draws on the three criteria at the heart of the Christian ministry—”respect, compassion, and sensitivity”—as a model for how the Catholic Church should relate to the LGBT community.

New! Embrace a Rainbow (Original: Abrazar un Arcoíris) – Author: Fr Luis Garcia sj. Spanish : The book invites the reader to welcome and touch the reality of human diversity beyond sexual identity, where every person is respected as a daughter of God, always taking into consideration the gifts and qualities that in community can be offered to the Christian life and recognizing the need for a permanent dialogue with the different ways of living the faith in the Gospel.

Catholic Books on Theology

Find the full list of Catholic Books on Theology about sexual diversity an gender identity here.

NEW! Theology and the LGBT+: Historical perspective and contemporary challenges (Original: Teologia e os LGBT+) – Author: Fr Luis Correa Lima sj. Portuguese : Far from being a merely abstract issue, the theme of theology and LGBT+ launches into a reality that concerns the concrete lives of many people who are not always welcomed by the Christian community. The purpose of this book is to encourage the pouring of oil and wine on human wounds and to contribute to the advancement of doctrine.

Catholic Books on Witness

Find the full list of Catholic Books on LGBTIQ Witness from rinbow folks, their families and allies here.

NEW! Love Tenderly: Sacred Stories of Lesbian and Queer Religious – Author: Grace Surdovel, IHM. English: This is an anthology written by twenty-three vowed women religious who embrace their sexual identity as lesbian or queer. While telling their stories of self discovery and acceptance they explore questions related to vowed life, falling in love, and advice they would give to a lesbian or queer woman considering religious life. Readers will be inspired and challenged to deeper consideration of their own psycho-sexual-spiritual journey.

NEW! Seeking Sanctuary: Stories of sexuality, faith and migration – Author: Jihn Marnell. English : The book reveals the nuance, complexity, contradictions and paradoxes that exist at the intersection of ‘faith, belonging, identity and mobility’ and does so by grounding itself in the first-person narratives of individuals who too often are the ‘objects’ of academic study, rather than self-determining subjects.

NEW! Ways of Reconciliation (Original: Caminos de Reconciliación) – Author: Pablo Romero. Spanish : This book wants to collaborate with the reconciliation of people, the Church and part of society. A reconciliation that is above all with themselves, starting from an issue as essential to life as sexuality, but which goes hand in hand with a renewed relationship with God and with others.

NEW! Witness of Diversity (Testemunhos na Diversidade) – Author: Multiple Authors. Portuguese : The work is composed of 21 reports from people linked to pastoral groups of LGBTQI+ Catholics and lay collectives in Brazil, that are safe spaces for respectful reception, sharing experiences and living the Christian faith in community for people with dissident sexualities and gender identities, friends, family and allies.

Catholic Books on Chronicle and History

Find the full list of Catholic Books on Chronicle and History of the Church with the LGBTIQ community and their families here.

NEW! Hidden Mercy: AIDS, Catholics, and the Untold Stories of Compassion in the Face of Fear – Author: Michael J. O´Loughlin. English : Set against the backdrop of the HIV and AIDS epidemic of the late twentieth century and the Catholic Church’s crackdown on gay and lesbian activists, journalist Michael O’Loughlin searches out the untold stories of those who didn’t look away, who at great personal cost chose compassion–even as he seeks insight for LGBTQ people of faith struggling to find a home in religious communities today.

NEW! We are Here for Communion (Original: Viemos pra Comungar) – Author: Cris Serra. Portuguese : A book that introduces the “LGBT Catholics” Brazilian Groups and the strategies they adopt to position themselves and remain within the ecclesial field, pointing to the reappropriation of the religious in terms favorable to freedom and sexual diversity. It notes that the visibility and appropriation of space not only reconfigure the ecclesial environments but, in this reorganization, they even seem to establish new orders.

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