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A church that is open for gays and lesbians – Why it is worth reforming the church from within

The Catholic theologian, sociologist (PhD) and religious education teacher Michael Brinkschröder is gay. Instead of turning his back on the church, he is fighting for acceptance and equality for gays and lesbians in the Roman Catholic Church. Chinese / English / Español / Française / German / Italiano … Continue reading

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Chinese / English / Español / Français / Italiano / Portugues 我们注意到从教宗方济各对教会接纳同志人士的积极步伐的一步危险退步。在最新的《神职圣召的恩赐/The gift of the priestly vocation》文件中,圣职部(The Congregation for the Clergy)以充满歧视性的言语强调了对同志人士进入修院并最终晋铎的一些要求。 全球天主教彩虹网络主张教会应该接纳并平等对待同志平信徒及他们的家人,我们同样认为那些建树教会的度奉献生活的男男女女也应该在教会内被平等对待。「在我们网络大家庭里有一些悲剧性的案例,他们的同志身份被发现后,不得不忍痛离开了修道生活。在极端的案例里,他们甚至被公开曝光。」卢比·阿尔梅达(Ruby Almeida,全球天主教彩虹网络两位主席之一、英国同志教友团体Quest主席)如是说。「一旦他们被修院除名,这些前同志修生的信德将因疏离感、抑郁、巨大的失落感和困惑而备受煎熬。他们希望将生命奉献给耶稣的召叫被这充满歧视性的措施彻底打碎。」 将同志人群拒之于教会神职体系外,而非对这些回应圣召的男女尊严以待,是非常阴暗负面的做法。「教会的许多文件声明,同志蒙召为守贞洁,他们的性无需被表达,然而稍后又提到,他们选择神职是不合适的。这双重信息扭曲了教会的公信力。我们不应忽略在圣职部的部分文件中,使用过一些微妙的同性爱论调的言语来描述耶稣与神父之间亲密排他的关系。」迈克尔·布林克施罗德博士(Michael Brinkschroeder,全球天主教彩虹网络两位主席之一、德国「同性恋与教会」的项目负责人)如是说。「你不能指望一个人生活在不断被抨击(slamming doors)及矛盾的信息中,还能保持身心良好的健康状态。」 尽管这份新文件是特别针对男同性恋者的,但它制造了一个先例。「那女同性恋者、双性恋者、跨性别者和女性兼性人(intersex women)又当如何?她们是否也会被同等要求?我们希望看到并遇到一份有建设性的并能影响深远的方案,以帮助我们在教会内的工作,一旦我们发现并决定生活出度奉献生活的圣召。」卢比·阿尔梅达如是说。 这份文件中出现了诸如「Homosexual Tendency」和「克服Homosexuality」的表达,这些表达取消了人类性取向(sexual orientation)的价值,可被视为潜意识的同性矫正治疗。「新文件未尊重准备晋铎的同志修道者的道德及精神的健全性。因为它试图基于对同志无知理解的情况下通过有争议的圣职准则,以代替自己的良知。」迈克尔·布林克施罗德如此总结。                   … Continue reading

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A Letter to All Delegates at the 2015 Synod on the Family

We are a group of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender Catholics, and along with our loving families and friends, we have spent the last few days not far from you, in Rome, consolidating two years of work, which have advanced … Continue reading

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GNRC declares: The exaggerated rhetoric of Pope Francis against “gender” exposes the contradictions in his pastoral care for LGBTI people

The Global Network of Rainbow Catholics (GNRC) appreciates that Pope Francis has made major acknowledgements of LGBTI persons and their families during his last official trip to Georgia, and later in the press conference on his way back to Rome. … Continue reading

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GNRC News Summary: May – September 2016

This is a summary of Catholic LGBTI News around the world between May and September 2016. We receive constantly more News for this section so check it weekly for updates. English / Español Note: Due to the huge amount of available information, … Continue reading

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GNRC Pride 2016 Album

GNRC members joined the Pride Parade 2016 making public their presence in society and inside the LGBTI community. We would like to thank to all the people and groups that contributed in the development of this álbum. If you or your group … Continue reading

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GNRC Steering Committee

The GNRC – Steering Committee (SC) held an open nomination and election for its office bearers’ roles on July 2016. English / Español / Française / Italiano / Portugues After months of working together, once we have developed a clearer organizational structure … Continue reading

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Transgender and Intersex people are invited to the table of the Church

The unique and rich gifts of LGBTI people for the Church comes from the diversity of Sexual Orientations as well as Gender Identity. English / Español / Française / Italiano / Portugues Transgender (T) and intersex (I) persons, same as lesbians (L), gays (G) and … Continue reading

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#CHIESAASCOLTACI : “Together let’s find a place where we meet and get to know each other”

Cammini di Speranza’s Communication/Advocacy campaign for the year of Jubilee of Mercy.   By Andrea Rubera  – Italian journalist, activist of the Italian Catholic LGBTQ Group Cammini di Speranza and GNRC media collaborator. English / Español / Française / Italiano / Portugues On the eve … Continue reading

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Orlando Vigils and Masses Album

This gallery contains 28 photos.

The Global Network of Rainbow Catholics called their Members, at the beginning of July 2016, to request for their living testimony of faith for the Orlando Shooting Attacks. We would like to thank to all the people and groups that … Continue reading

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