Global Network of Rainbow Catholics Praise German Bishops for Approving Blessings of Same-Sex Couples

12 March 2023. The Global Network of Rainbow Catholics (GNRC) applauds the Catholic Bishops of Germany who have voted to support formal blessings of same-sex couples. In a vote of 38 to 9, with 11 abstentions, the German bishops have affirmed creating ceremonies for couples whose marriages are not currently recognized by the Catholic Church. This includes same-sex couples, as well as people who remarry following a divorce.

“In taking this step, the German bishops are trailblazers and prophetic,” said Christopher Vella of Malta, Co-chair of GNRC. “They are showing great courage in witnessing to the fundamental truth that LGBTIQ relationships are sacramental and can be a path of holiness for the persons involved, as well as the fulcrum of a household church that is to be found in every family united in Christ.”

“The German bishops have prioritized the pastoral needs of God’s people over dogma,” said Marianne Duddy-Burke from the United States, a Co-chair of GNRC. “We know they understand that in taking this step they risk enormous criticism, possible sanctions, and backlash from within and outside of our church. However, they have also given hope that substantive, affirming change is possible within our church to many, especially LGBTIQ people through the blessings of same sex-couples and our families”.

GNRC and its member groups around the world eagerly awaits the publication of these rituals. We believe that many LGBTIW+ Catholics will adapt these ceremonies to their own cultures, and will feel more accepted and affirmed by our church as a result,” concluded Duddy-Burke.


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