Ready to join the Accompaniment Project?

The GNRC are developing a crucial project in the coming years: the Accompaniment Project. The project will involve listening to GNRC communities around the world to get acquainted with each other’s stories, charisms and gifts.

The Accompaniment Project will give the GNRC a greater understanding of the strengths of our communities, as well as allowing us to gather resources and best practices that are already in use. Equally important, the project will help us better understand the needs of our communities, as well as the main challenges faced by each of them. As a journey of self-discovery, we will become aware of who we are as a global community of communities and understand how we can strengthen our ties and support each other better.

The Accompaniment Project is now in its pilot phase up until the GNRC Assembly in Mexico in September 2022 – and we, the Womyn’s Embracing Committee, will be making a significant contribution to it. It is a unique opportunity for us Catholic LBTQ women to become visible, telling our own stories, as people and as communities.

The Accompaniment Committee will gather resources for an exhibition at the Museo Memoria y Tolerancia in Mexico City, which is scheduled to take place during our Extraordinary Assembly in September 2022.

We need you in the Accompaniment Project

Therefore, we would like to ask if you can make a creative contribution to the project by sending something that describes and promotes who you are. You can do this in any way that represents the essence of who you are, especially as an LBTQ person of faith. If your contribution includes sharing some of your experience as a member of a GNRC community, it would be even more desirable. Submissions must be in a digital format and can include a wide variety of things:

  • It can be a written or spoken testimonial, such as an audio or video file.
  • It may be a photograph of you with some text that explains the image and who you are.
  • It may be the image of an object or thing that is important to you and that again explains something important about you. Maybe it’s something you’ve done, inherited or own.
  • It can be an audio or video of you doing a song, a poem, a speech, or a dance.
  • It can be anything you feel represents who you are and tells a little of your story.

The sky is the limit. All we want are examples that show the diversity and depth of our LBTQ community at GNRC. We are already open to receive your contents but consider that deadline is June 2022!

Entries will be for public display. Therefore, they cannot be kept confidential, private, or belong to a third part without its previous approval. However, if you choose to submit a written text it can be submitted under a pseudonym, or with initials, in case you´d like to keep your identity as private. Remember this when considering something for the project. Everything will receive author’s credit unless the person tells us that they prefer to remain anonymous.

Finally, remember that all submitted materials must be your property. If you do not own the material, make sure you have obtained the copyright release of the material you submit. Please note that there will be no royalty fee; you freely donate the material to GNRC, and everything we receive will become GNRC property.

Contact Ruby Almeida (English) or Cris Serra (Portuguese and Spanish) for more information or if you have any questions about the Accompaniment Project.