Walk Together for a More Welcoming and Inclusive Church

Inspired by Pope Francis’ invitation to walk together – The Synodal Path – to build a Catholic Church where everyone is welcome, the member communities of the Global Network of Rainbow Catholics (GNRC) shared from September 10 to 15 our Fourth Extraordinary Assembly, which took place in Mexico City.

We had several moments to share workshops, conferences, encounters and celebrations, but a moment that will remain in our hearts was the experience of feeling ourselves welcomed and fully included at the Tepeyac place, with our good mother – María de Guadalupe – as a witness. It was the ideal moment to thank and endorse to God our commitment to walk together with the Catholic Church in the creation and promotion of inclusive spaces for the LGBTIQ+ community.


The Mexico´s Network of Rainbow Catholics – REDCAM for its acronym in Spanish – thanks God and GNRC for the opportunity of have being elected as hosts of this event. Walk together – with all our siblings from Latin America – is to be able to show the warmth, traditions and spirituality of our communities through their own icons, songs and languages, and above all with our witnesses that we believe will be an inspiration to work for a more inclusive Catholic Church.

To finish, I´d like to share with you the words sent by the Bishop of Monterrey for the beggining of our Assembly:

“If we are asked on the street what it is that brings us together here today, we can give many answers. The same if we are asked what all of us present here have in common.

I personally consider that the main reason why we are gathered here today, and what we all have in common, is the fact that we share the same faith in God. Therefore, what unites and brings us together, in short, is our desire to meet Christ and our neighbor in an atmosphere of prayer and reflection.

In this context, please receive cordial greetings from Bishop Rogelio, who invites us to focus our reflection during these days on all those elements that allow us to continue building the kingdom of heaven here on earth. May faith, hope and charity be the light that illuminates our lives today and always; and may mutual respect become the letter of introduction for those of us who believe in Christ and his promises.

Welcome to Mexico. May God grant us abundant fruits and blessings in this Assembly.”

Monsenhor Rogelio Cabrera, Bishop of Monterrey.

We were blessed to receive this message from the Archbishop of Monterrey who sent Fr. Edgar Alvarado in person to deliver it to us at the inauguration of our Assembly in Mexico. This acknowledgment and acceptance of our LGBTIQA family kick started a wonderful Assembly and our hearts were further charged with love when we were welcomed at the Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe.

May Bishop Cabrea inspire us to keep our journey and walk together as one Church.

Antonio Ortiz Siliceo – Red de Católicos Arcoíris México Chair and GNRC Latin America Delegate 2019 – 2022

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