The GNRC needs your help for legal assistance and support of the New GNRC Website.

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Call for Legal Advice: Country of Incorporation

The Steering Committee has started considering which country would be most appropriate for the purpose of GNRC for incorporation. Therefore, we are looking for legal advice from a lawyer who has expertise in the areas of international law and non-profit law (including at least countries as Italy, Switzerland, Germany and the Netherlands et al.). It would be great if this legal expertise could be given pro bono, but if payment is needed we would take this into consideration as well. Contact:

Call for Web Support: GNRC Web 2.0 development team 

We are building a Website and Social Media Strategy group for the development of the 2.0 version of the GNRC Website. If you have tehnical skills on web designing or you are a specialist with experience on social media content management, please get in contact with us. Web and graphical designers, journalists, editors or other skilled people are welcome to join this team. The support for this team will be pro bono but we know that the improvement of the GNRC network is the best of payments! Contact: