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More than 30 LGBTI Catholic and Christian groups gathered and officially joined the GNRC by signing the Constitutive Act as founder members.

We hope more groups will join our Network and keep working for the affirmation, inclusion, dignity and equality of LGBTIQ Catholics in the Roman Catholic Church and in society.

The GNRC Constitution and Internal Regulations are the most important documents for the GNRC as an organization. Based on your responses, suggestions and the consensus agreed in our Second Assembly, these documents were approved on December 2nd, 2017.

The Constitution and Internal Regulations documents are now officially registered under Italian law as of December 17th 2017.

GNRC Constitution

GNRC Internal Regulations

Our appreciations to the Organizational Development Committee (Chris Vella, Benjamin Oh, Eros Shaw, Fabio Regis & amp; Michael Brinkschroeder) for its commitment during the past two years and the development of the first draft of the mentioned documents.

Ruby Almeida                                     Christopher Vella

GNRC Board Co-chairs (2018 – 2019)