Translation of the Spanish homily with the aim “Bless and Encourage our Service” celebrated at the Basilica de Guadalupe on September 14th, 2022, by Fr Gonzalo Rosas sj for the presence of the GNRC Fourth Assembly attendants. You may find the original Spanish version here.

SANTA MARÍA DE GUADALUPE: Bless and Encourage our Service

Fr Gonzalo Rosas sj, Mass Homily

Good morning, sisters and brothers, this morning the representatives of different countries that are participating in “The Fourth Assembly of the Global Network of Rainbow Catholics” have made a pilgrimage to the “little house” of our Holy Mother Mary of Guadalupe. We come as your sons and daughters to meet your loving gaze that embraces us in the heart.

We are here to thank you that you love us, that you receive us with your maternal heart full of affection, and that you bless us so that we continue in our Fourth Assembly studying, praying and organizing ourselves to work all in favor of Inclusion and the construction of a Synodal Church.

We present to you with humility and joy, the Communities that little by little are emerging in our countries, because they are true spaces for dialogue, listening, respect, acceptance, and dignity of the person throughout the world. With pain and tears, we ask you for consolation for all the victims of intolerance, exclusion and rejection full of hatred and violence, which have taken many brothers, sisters, friends and relatives from us; just for being different.

Virgin of Guadalupe, the words of Saint Paul to the Corinthians resound in our ears, because he has invited them to take care of their faith from false idols, from divisions and exclusion, and to seek unity because we are one body, and all we are called to live love from respect and inclusion Holy Mary of Guadalupe, in our Fourth Assembly of the Global Network of Rainbow Catholics, we have contemplated your Son Jesus who with great cunning and creativity showed everyone the path of love that leads to God, and above all, that he showed it to them with his testimony of life.

Because Jesus always loved his Father, his God, and accepted all the people who approached him, Jesus is for all humanity an example of inclusion, respect and acceptance of others. Help us to continue building from love and inclusion, bridges of fraternity based on respect, acceptance and valuing ourselves as your sons and daughters. Grant us the grace that our “Fourth International Assembly of the Global Network of Rainbow Catholics” has good results so that we present them to our Lord Bishops of the Dioceses and Archdioceses who sent us, and that with their blessing, we can share them with our parish communities.

Mother, thank you very much because we feel heard in our deepest longings and desires, because you remedy and heal the different miseries and pains that afflict us, to accomplish what your compassionate merciful gaze intends. We leave full of consolation and joy to continue working to build a fairer world for all, a world with more peace and justice, a world with more inclusion and respect.


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