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To our dear friends and colleagues who have shown such solidarity and support for our Press Release on our application for a booth at the exhibition hall at the World Meeting of Families.

This is an update to let you know that GNRC has in fact finally heard from Paul McCann Exhibition Co-Ordinator for WMF. Mr. McCann has confirmed that GNRC have not been successful with our application because of  “uncertainties over the amount of space we will have available for exhibitions because of other logistical considerations.”

In its response to the Exhibition Organisers, GNRC stated that we hoped that their decision “had nothing to do with our work for LGBT equality.” We also stated that despite this decision we were keen to apply for a booth at the next World Meeting of Families and would continue to offer our assistance in any discussion on Catholic LGBT issues.

Some good news that we can share is that our Secretary Frank De Bernardo has succeeded in getting press credentials and so will be representing the LGBT Community at the WMF on behalf of GNRC and New Ways Ministry. We look forward to some excellent reports from Frank as well as from Marianne Duddy-Burke who is there with her rainbow family.

Thank you again for all your support.

GNRC Co Chairs Ruby Almeida and Chris Vella


Latest Contents:

July 24, 2018. GNRC PR N°11: LGBT Catholic Groups Ignored by Vatican WMoF. The GNRC is “deeply dismayed and disappointed” by the lack of response from officials overseeing the World Meeting of Families 2018 in Dublin, Ireland. We ask you to endorse this Press Release on behalf of your group or as an individual so our voices may be heard by the officials of the World Meeting of Families.

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Dignity Boston Chapter – USA

July 15, 2018. GNRC Pride 2018 Album: Happy Pride to all those celebrating from March to July! Don’t forget to send us your photos, so we can add them to our Pride album! You´ll see how we, as LGBTQI Catholics, are also part of the joy and colors surround the parades.



July 2, 2018.Being a Woman, LGBT and Catholic in Latin America: In March 2018, two well-known female activists were brutally murdered: Marielle Franco in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) and Maria Guadalupe Hernandez in Guanajuato (México). They both shared a strong commitment with to the dispossessed and a lesbian sexual orientation, as the two women were lesbian. In this article we want to delve into the testimony Marielle gave us with her life.

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June 19, 2018. GNRC PR N°10: “The Church is evolving in our affirmation and inclusion as LGBTI individuals but our families do exist and should be included in their recognition and dignity”

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  1. Bea Tilanus says:

    As active catholic women with a transgender backgroud I apriciate this initiative very much. Thanks and I’ll follow you.

  2. Thanks so much. This will be an opportunity for dialogue and intervention.

  3. As an African I am very proud to be a part of this group.i feel safe now .keep it up.

  4. Frank says:

    Best wishes for this wonderful occasion.
    I wonder for people who cannot be present in person might we be able to participate through the web?
    God bless your good work!

  5. Pablo says:

    As rainbow catholics you should know a little more about the Bible. The Psalm quoted in your add is wrong. In fact “Hear a Just Cause” it’s part of David’s prayer and belongs to Psalm 17, 1 and not to the Psalm 7, 1, which contains the lament of David which he sang to Yahweh about Cush the Benjaminite: “Yahweh my God, I take refuge in you, save me from all my pursuers and rescue me”.

    • Fernando Gonzales says:

      Dear Pablo,
      Thank you so much for your advise. We were so worried about the proper edition of the content texts that we sadly forgot to double check the top image.

      We have amended this mistake thanks to your counseling!

      May God bless you,

  6. As a rainbow protestant I do really appreciate the GNRC meetings in München.

    Jesus said: ‘ This is my commandment that you love each other’

    Blessings! God is good, God is love!

  7. Richard says:

    Good Morning! Thank you for your work on this issue. I am interested in working with this organization in some capacity. As the father of two gay children who feel the church has abandoned them, I would like to teach them the Jesus is more inclusive than what they think. Your organization may help me to help them. Please consider my participation.
    Rich Goulah

  8. RON ZEILINGER says:

    Thank you for your important work with and for our Catholic community. May you continue to be led by the Spirit!

  9. Lesley Angel says:

    How wonderful to discover your site and the important work you are doing in raising awareness of, the issues of and the need for inclusion of LGBTQI Catholics in all aspects of society globally as well as creating a central point of communication for same. Praying many blessings for your efforts in both the past, present and future:)

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