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Pope Francis 👴🏼 supportive message 🌈✝️ in the Documentary “Francesco” keeps making an echo in the Catholic community and society. Find a few recommended lectures in today’s post from newwaysministry.org , americamagazine.org , thetablet.co.ukcatolicosarcoiris.mx and crismhom.com

Congratulations🥳 to @ichthyssevillacristianxslgbth 🐠✝️🌈 on their 17th Anniversary. From the Beautiful Sevilla to the LGBT+ Christian community worldwide spreading The Gospel from Out of the Closet.

Mexico has a major lighthouse for LGBT+ Catholics🌈✝️ and today we celebrate their Second Anniversary🥳. Are you part of Red Católica Arcoíris México?

Our Intersex siblings 🟡🟣🟡 deserve inclusion and recognition by the Church✝️ and society🌐. Let´s contribute with the International Intersex Awareness Day by promoting their human dignity and spreading the message.

We are happy🌈 to endorse Pope Francis👴🏼 and his comments related to give support to same-gender unions. Read the GNRC PR N°16 “Global Catholic Group welcomes news that Pope Francis says ´Gay couples deserve legal protections for their relationships´” – English, Spanish, Portugues, Chinese , French and Italian available

LGBT+ Catholics Celebrated 5 Years of Fellowship on October 4th!!! If you missed the celebration visit GNRC Facebook and YouTube Channels to experience what Rainbow Catholics and our families have to share with the Church and the world. Did you join the meeting?

Let’s follow Jesus´ words and COME OUT🌈!!! For those who are still not ready, your LGBT+ Christian siblings will be there on the day you require it. Do you have a word of encouragement for today?

All Rainbow Catholics and our families are welcome to our 5th Anniversary Virtual Gathering on October 4th. Musical performances, celebrated speakers, group discussions and a common liturgy on our Facebook and YouTube Channels by 2 p.m. London Time (gmt +1). More info in the link here

Our Parents of LGBT Children🌈 met yesterday with Pope Francis‼ They received an amazing message of hope and union from him. Read the full article and the Witness Video on Facebook @progettogionata or visit the original article

Is Mychal Judge a gay saint? Yes, without a doubt🌈✝️. But not simply because he was a gay man who was also holy. What do you think? For more info read the full article visit @newwaysministry website.

Sadly discrimination, prosecution and criminalization are high risk factors that may lead to suicidal tendencies. That’s why we want to remind you that you are not alone, you are beautiful and that your LGBT+ Catholic siblings are struggling for a more inclusive Church and society.

Rainbow Catholics🌈✝️ will gather again this Friday, September 11th by 2 p.m. (gmt+2) for “The Big Fest”. A Contemplative Spiritual Prayer via Zoom in English on Channel 85354578105 with Password 372486

Congratulations to @redarcoirismex 🌈✝️🇲🇽 and greetings to Mons Cabrera López for this astonishing milestone for the LGBT+ Catholic community in Monterrey, Mexico. Check the full article (Eng/Sp) on catolicosarcoiris.mx/blog

A Light of Hope🌈 from Asia Pacific🌏 and an amazing meeting that we all had time to enjoy last weekend. You can as well now on Facebook Live in @RainbowCatholicsAP

Please find in the link the GNRC PR N°15 “Global Catholic Group calls on Vatican to Reverse Recent Positions that Harm and Dehumanize LGBTIQ+ Catholics and their Families” – English / Spanish / French / Italian available – for immediate circulation among your group members, allies and Media contacts.

It is with great concern that GNRC see a pattern emerging from the actions and statements by the Bishops of Poland against our much cherished LGBTIQ family. Find the full version of the Open Letter to the Bishops of Polan here. (English / Spanish / French / Italian / Polish available)

A brave LGBT+🌈 couple👨🏼‍🤝‍👨🏻 asks for help in St Peter Square✝️! We as LGBT+ Catholics and their families must be aware of the critical situation our brothers and sisters face in Poland due to the “LGBT+ Free Zones”. More info on pinknews.co.uk and the Dawid and Jakub account @jakubidawid

Greetings🌈🥳🟣 to Australian Catholics for Equality and @wear_it_purple in their celebration Day! Australia🇦🇺 keeps working for inclusion and equality in the Catholic church and wide society. Are you part of the celebrations?

Great LGBT+ Witness Work🌈🎬 by the Marianists‼ This is what an inclusive Church is all about. Find the video in their YouTube Channel “Marianist Social Justice Collaborative” or click on  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_ItQVlyXjd4

Catholic parish in Germany hoists 8-metre-high rainbow banner to show LGBT+ people “can be at home in our Church”. What an amazing example of support and inclusion! @queergemeinde_muenster . Get more info on https://novenanews.com/catholic-parish-germany-rainbow-banner-lgbt-church/

The Rainbow Catholics🌈✝️ from North America🌎 are always ready to work for social justice in the Church and society! Are you part of these communities? Do you know others in North América?

Konnichiwa!!! There is a LGBT+ Catholic Community🌈✝️ in Japan and is a GNRC member. Meet Nijiirono Tomoshibi on their Website https://nijitomo.hatenablog.com or Facebook @nijiironotomoshibi

Like the Syrophoenician woman👩🏽‍🦳 who expanded Jesus’ vision✝️ by standing for her daughter’s inclusion, LGBT+🌈 persons can also teach and expand the vision of others within the Church. What do you think?

Read the full reflection of Miguel H Diaz about Jesus´Solidarity with Outsiders in the following link.

It’s the Solemnity of the Assumption🕊 of Mary👩🏻! We – all your children – join you in your revolutionary message “The Magnificat” (Luke 1:46-55).

Meet and share with the Asia-Pacific🌏🌈✝️ members of GNRC in a Live Webinar on August 29. You can register directly on https://forms.gle/qR6yBkyEBbE8fFLe7 . Get more info on Facebook @RainbowCatholicsAP or with the GNRC Delegate to eva.callueng@gnrcatholics.org

Ooops… Sr Monica👩🏻 did it again! A dream came true for Trans women🔵🟣⚪🟣🔵 in Neuquen due to the community efforts led by Sr Monica Astorga. This is the prophetic role we expect from all inclusive Catholics.

Do you want to help your parish💒 become more welcoming of LGBT+🌈 people and their families and don’t know where to begin? If the answer is YES please visit www.newwaysministry.org and get more information about how to develop LGBT+ Ministry in your community

Celebrate with SIGNUM @duhovikrestania 🌈✝️ their new anniversary if you are nearby Slovakia! Meet them on Bratislava or share with them in their online meetings. More info on duhovi-krestania.sk

Spanish Jesuit✝️ @jmolaizola Issues Pride🌈 Week Letter in Support of LGBTQ Equality! Find the English version on newwaysministry.org or the Spanish original on pastoralsj.org

New booklet of LGBT+🌈 Catholic✝️ Witnesses from Brazil🇧🇷 thank to the @redecatolicoslgbt . Our witnesses is powerful, so visit redecatolicoslgbt.com.br and enjoy the stories as well as the beautiful illustrations from @belailustradora

Sr Maria Berzosa🧓🏼 is working a lot for the LGBT+🌈 Catholic✝️ ministry in Spain and Europe. She has written many articles for newspapers, shared with LGBT+ Catholic communities and even received awards for her constant support to us.

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