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Did you know that the word homosexuality was introduced in the Bible just in 1946? After this introduction the Church started to promote homosexuality as “objectively / intrinsically disordered” and included these references in later documents such as the Cathecism, making a huge impact in all the LGBTIQ+ community. Especially in those countries where the Church has a great socio-cultural impact. That’s why it is so important for us as Rainbow Catholics to be aware of our history!!!

For Lucas: “Praying has been a balm in my sex change process,” says this young man, who witness in an online magazine about his particular way of the cross. Read the full article here.

ACGIL has been part of GNRC since the beginning! Our dear friends from Catalugnia are open to welcome you with an open and full of rainbow spiritual hug. Are you part of ACGIL? More info on https://www.acgil.org

The Rainbow Catholics community has found new ways to celebrate #lent2021 . A virtual #ashwednesday celebration, weekly reflection meetings and the personal diaries of LGBTIQ+ Catholics are available for you to discover and share. Take a look in the alternatives that @newwaysministry @dignitylosangeles and lgbtcatholicswestminster@gmail.com

May LOVE ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜 embrace us all! It’s Saint Valentine’s Day and we’d like to remind how love was the seed that founded the Global Network of Rainbow Catholics in 2015. LGBT+ Catholics, friends and allies gathered for the first time to witness and talk about the many WAYS OF LOVE. Get more info on waysoflove.wordpress.com

David et Jonathan has been part of GNRC since 2017! Our dear friends from France are open to welcome you in many cities across the country with a warm spiritual hug. Are you part of D&J? More info on www.davidetjonathan.com

The IDAHOBIT 2021 Vigils are coming in May 2017 and now it’s time to choose our main statement. Let’s choose our unified call in an online form available on https://www.tinyurl.com/15ygfgtj

“I fight, and I’m sure I’ll lose in all the fights I’m present … but I don’t fight to win, I fight to be faithful!” declares @padrejulio.lancellotti . Let´s follow his example and recognise our siblings in the frontier. ¿What’s our call as Rainbow Catholics for a more welcoming and inclusive Catholic church and society for those in need?

During LGBT History Month we´ll be recognising the presence of the LGBT Catholic community worldwide. Did you know that there are hundreds of Inclusive Catholic communities and many of them are part of GNRC? Are you in any of them? Check the full GNRC membership list here.

Podcasts are in the air and @DePuebloCatolicoyGay portray the intersectional approach of being Latinx, Catholic and LGBT+ in the USA and the Americas. Discover it on Spotify as “De Pueblo Católico y Gay”

Our Good Mother and Jesus have many faces and all of them represent welcoming, dignity and love for God’s children as we were created unique and in They image. Then why this inclusive rainbow image shall become an object for prosecution and criminalization? Find more information on @newwaysministry

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