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3rd Assembly of the Global Network of Rainbow Catholics

March 2, 2018. We are delighted to invite you to the 3rd Assembly of the GNRC, to take place in Chicago from 30 June to 4 July 2019. This will be an exciting opportunity to share our stories and to continue to strive for equality and full inclusion for the LGBTI community in the Roman Catholic Church and in the many nations we represent. English / Español

For information about the Aims of the Assembly, its Complementary Programme, the Pre-conferences and the Accomodations, please click in the next link.

To apply and register for the GNRC Assembly, please click here

March 2, 2018. The local host for this assembly, DignityUSA, will also be marking its 50th anniversary, and is proud to welcome GNRC to Chicago, one of the USA’s most exciting and inclusive cities, as part of its celebration of this milestone. Furthermore, DignityUSA is inviting GNRC delegates to consider staying on in Chicago at the conclusion of our Assembly to be part of its special 50th Anniversary conference.

For information and to register for the DignityUSA conference, click here 

Latest Contents:

May, 2019. Three new LGBTI  Communities joined the GNRC. We feel blessed to announce that We Are Church Ireland, Red Católica Arcoíris México and Ichthys Cristianxs lgtbh de Sevilla have become new members of the Global Network of Rainbow Catholics. You can find the updated and consolidated list by region of all LGBTI Catholic/Christian Organizations, Groups or Communities members of the GNRC, including the links to their websites or social networks.

We are already 35 rainbow christian communities and groups working for pastoral care and justice for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) people and their families in the Catholic Church.

March, 2019. An Open Letter to a Gay Person. This is a Press Statement Drachma LGBTI and Drachma Parents Group (Malta) issued in the form of an Open Letter to a Gay Person in response to a concerted effort by the Christian Right to encourage gay conversion practices here3 in Malta.

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December, 2018. Grant me Justice: Exhibition on “Criminalisation of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender People and the Catholic Church”. By Michael Brinkschröder. During the GNRC Assembly in Dachau, a couple of participants were interviewed and gave testimonies about their experiences in countries that criminalise homosexual acts or people.

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February 15, 2018. The GNRC endorses the WKHP Letter to Pope Francis about the policy concerning homosexuality and the priesthood. Our reason for writing to you is the document Il dono della vocazione presbiterale, which was published by the Congregation for the Clergy on 8 December 2016.

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12 Responses to

  1. Bea Tilanus says:

    As active catholic women with a transgender backgroud I apriciate this initiative very much. Thanks and I’ll follow you.

  2. Thanks so much. This will be an opportunity for dialogue and intervention.

  3. As an African I am very proud to be a part of this group.i feel safe now .keep it up.

  4. Frank says:

    Best wishes for this wonderful occasion.
    I wonder for people who cannot be present in person might we be able to participate through the web?
    God bless your good work!

  5. Pablo says:

    As rainbow catholics you should know a little more about the Bible. The Psalm quoted in your add is wrong. In fact “Hear a Just Cause” it’s part of David’s prayer and belongs to Psalm 17, 1 and not to the Psalm 7, 1, which contains the lament of David which he sang to Yahweh about Cush the Benjaminite: “Yahweh my God, I take refuge in you, save me from all my pursuers and rescue me”.

    • Fernando Gonzales says:

      Dear Pablo,
      Thank you so much for your advise. We were so worried about the proper edition of the content texts that we sadly forgot to double check the top image.

      We have amended this mistake thanks to your counseling!

      May God bless you,

  6. As a rainbow protestant I do really appreciate the GNRC meetings in München.

    Jesus said: ‘ This is my commandment that you love each other’

    Blessings! God is good, God is love!

  7. Richard says:

    Good Morning! Thank you for your work on this issue. I am interested in working with this organization in some capacity. As the father of two gay children who feel the church has abandoned them, I would like to teach them the Jesus is more inclusive than what they think. Your organization may help me to help them. Please consider my participation.
    Rich Goulah

  8. RON ZEILINGER says:

    Thank you for your important work with and for our Catholic community. May you continue to be led by the Spirit!

  9. Lesley Angel says:

    How wonderful to discover your site and the important work you are doing in raising awareness of, the issues of and the need for inclusion of LGBTQI Catholics in all aspects of society globally as well as creating a central point of communication for same. Praying many blessings for your efforts in both the past, present and future:)

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