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Let’s welcome Cris Serra as our new Diversity Representative at the GNRC Board. From @redecatolicoslgbt to the world! Mail: cris.serra@gnrcatholics.org Meet the rest of the GNRC Board here.

Lesbian and Queer Sister open their hearts in a new Witness Book from @newwaysministry . Their committed journeys as active nuns confirm that sexual orientation should not be considered as a restriction or limit to a plenty religious life. Get more info here

Our siblings from Poland keep working in creative ways to witness that LGBTIQ+ Christians are real and not an ideology. Visit the project account @not_an_ideology and share this brave work from https://www.photopaul.de/lgbtqpoland

We are starting our engines to unite as one on May 17th to commemorate IDAHOBIT 2021 and we want YOU to be part of the meeting! Get more information on inveglia.wordpress.com or send a mail to tendadigionata@gmail.com

Rainbow Families are also part of the Church, so says Pope Francis. LGBTIQ Parents with Children or Parents with LGBTIQ Children are all welcomed, no matter what others may say cause we are all one on Christ Jesus. Read the full Article on @ncronline

A dear GNRC ally, Fr Geoffrey Robinson James passed away by the end of 2020. He joined us during our first effort to unite the Global Rainbow Catholics community in Rome in 2014. So, today we’d like to remind you all of his presentation available on The Ways of Love Conference Website.

Ready to listen to interreligious Witnesses 🕉☯️✝️☪️🕎from our LGBTIQ+ siblings🌈? The @theforbiddenapplepodcast gathers stories declaring that being LGBTIQ+ & spiritual is possible! Have you listened to them?

Isn’t it amazing when you see your family grow🌈✝️? On the Feast of the Epiphany of the Lord we’d like to remind the three new communities that joined GNRC across 2020, the same way the three wise kings brought gifts to the newborn Jesus. Which are the gifts that God gave you in the past year and those you wait for during 2021?

We’re thrilled to promote Wonderfully Made 🌈✝️, a documentary about LGBTQI Catholics striving for inclusion, featuring a few GNRC members such as Executive Director, Marianne Duddy-Burke from @dignityusa .

There are not enough languages 🌍🌎🌏 to say Happy New Year 2021🌈! May God guide and bless us all and our loved ones in this challenging year for humanity, the LGBTIQ community and the Catholic Church.

Survey Alert!!! New Ways Ministry wants to recognise the good and the bad for LGBTIQ+ Catholics in 2020. Visit www.newwaysministry.org for more information and how to answer by today.

MERRY CHRISTMAS AND WELCOME TO THE MESSIAH 🌟👶🏽🌟. Beyond the languages, that’s the only message we want to share with all of you today.

Find our Xmas Message from the GNRC Board and share it with your family, friends and allies. May you all have a Merry Christmas as we all remain united in the distance!!!

The Communauté du Christ Libérateur 🌈✝️ just joined GNRC! This has been a wonderful year for us and this is definitely a Christmas gift in advance. So, if you wanna meet our newest member from Belgium just visit www.ccl-be.net

May our commitment as Rainbow Catholics to God be as strong as our Good Mother´s response beyond the uncertainties. That’s what the Gospel from Out of the Closet reflects based in the Magnificat on this Fourth Sunday of Advent. Read the full reflection in the following link.

More Rainbow Catholic Advent celebrations 🌈🌟🌈 to prepare us for the arrival of the Messiah! What will you or your LGBTIQ+ Catholic community do on #advent2020 ?

Pope @franciscus has given more gifts to the LGBTIQ+ Catholic community than the ones we can list in today’s post. Which is the most remarkable expression or fact from him towards our Rainbow community? Mention it in the comments sections.

The CLC Spain officially supports the LGBTIQ+ Catholic Community through welcoming, inclusion and affirmation. Read their full Manifest called “Living Unity in Diversity” in the following link.

The Rainbow Catholic community keeps sharing the Advent 🌈🌟🌈 feeling during every day before Christmas! What’s your LGBTIQ+ Catholic community doing during this season to celebrate the coming of the Messiah?

Human Rights 🌈 are part of our core identity as Rainbow Catholics as it’s mentioned in our Ethos & Values. Celebrate today the anniversary of the universal #humanrights declaration and discuss with your family, friends and folks about why they are so important for the LGBTIQ+ community.

A short film – produced by GNRC contributor Leakey Ochieng – introduces interreligious witness of LGBTIQ+ African folks. Their stories, sufferings and especially their dreams are related in first person and in their own words. Find the short film “QUEER FAITH” on KISPED Kenya YouTube Channel

We are on the Second Sunday of Advent 🕯🕯 and the Rainbow Catholics family is celebrating many activities. Today we´d like to introduce what @ctacatholics and @catolicolgbti are working on. If you or your LGBTIQ+ Catholic community would like to promote any activity on GNRC Social Media just send us a DM or write an email to media@gnrcatholics.org

It´s #throwbackthursday and this week we remember our GNRC Second Assembly! We had su much work to do but so much energy, hope and guidance by the Holly Spirit. Discover more about our gathering in Germany in the following link.

Today is not only a day to remembrance but also one for a call to action to the Rainbow Catholic community. We need to get awareness about prevention and support as the LGBTIQ+ community is still one of the most exposed to HIV and its consequences due to intersectional conditions.

Don´t miss on Nov 29th the start of the Advent 🌟 hosted by our Latinamerican Rainbow Catholic siblings. They´ve called this event SUYAQUIQUI – Loving Hope in “Quechua” – and will be transmitted on the GNRC Facebook and YouTube Channels. Join them tomorrow!

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