From September 6th to 17th, 2023, Malta, the gem of the Mediterranean, will come alive as it hosts thousands of LGBT+ individuals from across the globe for EuroPride Week 2023. The vibrant and diverse event line-up will peak on September 16th at 5:00 PM with the iconic Pride Parade, heralded by a massive 24-meter rainbow flag that will weave through Malta’s historic landmarks.

Amid the flurry of festivities, events, and debates, GNRC highlights the profound initiatives by LGBT+ Christians and their parents. We are thrilled to announce our participation. Dive into our top picks from the program:

🔹 Interfaith Celebration – 15th September 2023
Join an extraordinary interfaith celebration in one of Malta’s ancient prehistoric temples. Leaders from diverse religious backgrounds will guide us beyond our differences, uniting us in deep spiritual connections. Presided over by Misza Cherniak, this event promises to be a unique blend of history and harmony. Event Details & Registration

🔹 QUEERing Faith? Conference – 16th September 2023
Hosted by Drachma, delve into the intersection of faith and sexuality. Engage in enriching dialogues, hear personal insights, and broaden your understanding of diverse religious and spiritual contexts. This forum champions open discussions, celebrating and understanding the journeys of those who navigate the intricate world of faith and sexuality. Event Details & Registration

🔹 Parents Speak from Their Heart – 17th September 2023
In collaboration with the European Network of Parents of LGTI+ Persons (ENP), hear heartfelt testimonies from parents across Europe. Through panel discussions, they’ll share their experiences as activists, the challenges faced by their LGBTI+ children, and their quest for change in society and communities. This is a poignant reminder of love’s transcending power. Event Details & Registration

Join us in Malta for EuroPride 2023. Embrace the diversity, feel the unity, and let’s champion love, acceptance, and faith together. Spread the word!