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Read in detail the testimonies of nine LGBTI Christians who lives the strugles and threats of being LGBTI in a country that criminalize or prosecute them.

Alicia Nalunkuma: “I do believe in God, I am a practicing Catholic, but I am not so much into church.”

Alicia Nalunkuma (23) from Uganda is a dancer and activist for Transgender Equality. Born as a boy, she always felt a girl. Since childhood she faced massive pain and sorrow. As a practicing Christian, still the Catholic Church rejects her.

Davis Mac-Iyalla: “Running away from the church will not change the church”

Davis Mac-Iyalla (45) is from Nigeria. He is very active in the Church, but he has to fight for acceptance every day: “I believe in the equality of all of Gods children”, he says. Davis is gay, out and proud. He doesn’t see any conflict between his faith as a Christian and his sexuality.

Dumisani Dube: “Activism for gays and lesbians in the parish”

Dumisani Dube (45) is from Zimbabwe, living in South Africa. He works for an LGBT-Organization as a consultant in Zimbabwe and in South Africa, which organises “Dialogue for change”:  dialogue between the LGBT commmunity and the religious leaders. As well, he is leader of the LGBT-ministry in his Catholic parish.

Jijio Kiriakose: “Concerning discrimination it is an issue to be openly gay and Christian”

Jijo Kiriakose (33) from India finished his PhD in image processing and is now working as a research analyst. Next to his profession he is also a writer and an artist and manages an LGBT support group.

Joanita Ssenfuka: “Only dialogue with the church will make change possible”

Joanita Warry Ssenfuka (35) from Uganda is a telecommunication engineer and activist.

John Kashiha: “You will never stop me going to church!”

John Justin Kashiha (32) from Tanzania has a university degree, but he already lost five jobs because of being gay. The criminalisation of his sexuality brings a lot of hardship into his life: “Sometimes I would like God to show me how to deal with being rejected and discriminated.”

Lula Ramirez: “If the church can be changed the church can start changing the world”

Luiz Ramires (57) from Sao Paolo, Brazil works as an indicator, training teachers and principals on gender and sexual diversity. At the moment he is doing his PhD in sociology of education.

Misha Tumasov: “It’s very difficult for me to not speak about God’s love “

Misha Tumasov (43) from Russia is a teacher and human rights activist. His life dream was to become a priest: “When you are speaking about the love of God, you become like a battery of love.” As a gay man he was forced to choose different ways.

Ryan Kollano: “The church has a massive influence in Kenya”

Ryan Kollano (33) from Kenia was one of 9 kids from a poor family. He was fighting hard to go to school. He made it up to university. Because of being gay he lost everything – several times.