General Superior of the Society of Jesus, Father Arturo Sosa sj, congratulates the Brazilian Jesuit, Fr Luís Correa Lima sj, for his book Teologia e Os LGBT+ that deals with the LGBT+ issue in the Catholic Church. English version translated from the original Portuguese one and also available in Spanish.

Subject: Teologia e Os LGBT+, perspectiva histórica e desafios contemporaneos

Rome, September 3, 2021

Dear Father Luis Corrêa Lima,

Thank you for being so kind to send me your recent book “Theology and LGBT+ People, Historical Perspective and Contemporary Challenges” (Teologia e Os LGBT+, Editora Vozes, 2021).

It is a work that undoubtedly gathers the fruits of his many years of pastoral accompaniment to LGBT+ people, as well as of his fruitful academic activity at the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro, especially in the research group “Sexual Diversity – Citizenship and Religion “, of which you are the coordinator.

Your book has many merits. First, it succinctly presents – but without simplifications – the fundamental elements of Catholic Theology and Magisterium on the subject in question, while continuing to make a critical and updated reading of these elements, thus opening the space for a serious and dispassionate reflection and for a mature and sincere dialogue on issues that deeply touch the lives of so many people in their experience of faith.

In this way, your work is certainly presented as an instrument that favors the understanding of the reality of LGBT+ people in their relationship with faith, with God and with the Church. By providing a reflection on the existential reality of these people with spirituality, moral theology, biblical exegesis and Christian anthropology, your book offers quality information as an opportunity for reflection for all those who wish to better understand this reality to live it in a better evangelical way.

Pope Paul VI, in his address to the Society at General Congregation 32, said: “everywhere in the Church, even in the most difficult fields and at the front, at the crossroads of ideologies, in social trenches, there have been or there is a confrontation between the urgent demands of the human being and the Christian message, there the Jesuits were and are. “I believe that the apostolic service that he renders to the Church and society by accompanying people who live the LGBT + reality is an experience that confirms those words of the late Pope Paul VI.

I ask the Father, with his grace, to continue supporting your apostolic service in the following of His Son and that you always count on the lights of the Spirit in your commitment to bring people closer to the Kingdom of God.

Fraternally in Christ Jesus,

Father Arturo Sosa. SJ

Superior General Society of Jesus