Statement to the Vatican Synodal Process

As the first phase of the current Synod of the Roman Catholic Church comes to a close, members of the Roman Catholic Working Group of the European Forum of LGBT+ Christian Groups have submitted their statement to the Vatican.
The EF’s Roman Catholic Church Working Group has 20 members from 12 European countries, including Eastern Europe. The groups represented iin this statement are: La Communauté du Christ Libérateur (Belgium), Ökumenische Arbeitsgruppe Homosexuelle und Kirche (HuK) e.V. (Germany), David et Jonathan (France), Cammini di Speranza (Italy), Drachma (Malta), Werkgroep van Katholieke Homo-Pastores (Netherlands), Wiara i Tęcza (Poland), Sopro (Portugal), Nuntiare et Recreare (Russia), Signum – Dúhoví kresťania (Slovakia), Christian Organisation of Lesbians (Switzerland), Crismhom (Spain), Quest and LGBT+ Catholics Westminster Pastoral Council (UK).
Nine of these groups are current GNRC members as well, so for us is important to replicate their voce and statements through the available GNRC channels.
The Synodal Process has stimulated an intense exchange about the diversity of our experiences as LGBTIQ+ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, intersex, queer and non-binary) Catholics across a wide range of European parishes, dioceses and countries. The following submission has been formally acknowledged by the Vatican’s Synod Office.
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LGBT+ Catholics Westminster Pastoral Council – Communications/Media