GNRC Prays For Peace In Europe

The Global Network of Rainbow Catholics joins hands with our siblings in Russia and Ukraine to find a way to give peace a chance. We know that war and conflict are not the solution but merely a propagator for visceral anger and hatred that will erupt in future generations:

GNRC Co-Chair Ruby Almeida said “After more than seven decades of peace in Europe the spectre of this continent being drawn in a war fills me with great trepidation. How can I turn my sense of futility into something positive? I am grateful that there are so many wonderful organisations sending essential commodities to the Ukraine ranging from clothes, food medical supplies and Bibles. And praying is the most powerful thing that I can do”

GNRC Co-Chair Christopher Vella said “Also, we pray in particular for our LGBTIQ siblings in Ukraine, who have not only faced historical persecution as sexual and gender minorities, but now face a shared and even greater danger with the rest of the population in an invasion which is costing many innocent lives and disrupting the lives of so many. While history seems to be repeating itself and panning out as in the events in the 1930s, we hope, there is a greater chance for peace. We pray for justice.”

The Global Network of Rainbow Catholics joins other organizations in encouraging people to join petitions and most importantly to offer prayers that can empower us to feel that we are making a positive contribution to help alleviate the pain and suffering in this war. Please share your comments and prayer bellow.

Here are a few of the petitions: