Open Letter to the Society of Jesus from the Global Network of Rainbow Catholics

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To Rev Fr Arturo Sosa, General Superior of the Society of Jesus

It´s our need to express our appreciation due to the direct support provided by Fr Luis Correa Lima, SJ and Fr James Martin, SJ, and through them, all the Jesuits and people linked to the Society of Jesus who are working in the apostolic works of the Society, accompanying LGBTBIQ believers and their families, as well as groups and communities around the world.

Thank you for stepping forward to offer reconciliation between different sexual orientations and gender identities to those who were unaware of the gift of their diversity and their faith.

The frontiers are ready for sowing, but more workers are needed to take up these challenges and to let their hearts be touched by these realities which, for some, are a challenge to their faces and names, and God’s beautiful way of creating will be discovered.

One more thing, Rev. Father, may the Society of Jesus, in its discernment, find full awareness of the need to open spaces for theological and philosophical reflection in its universities to open spaces for theological and philosophical reflection in its universities. It is very important to create spaces for formation and to work on the elaboration of solid arguments to enter into a sincere and fraternal dialogue within the Church.

In order to offer hope that Catholics and LGBTBIQ+ people can be Catholic, it is essential to be in the public debate or to share knowledge. It is convenient to make a postulate for a rainbow that saves lives and caresses so many hearts in need of respect, compassion and sensitivity.

Today, at the 4th Assembly of the NGRC, which is a community of rainbow communities, and hosted in Mexico City, we ask the Blessed Mother of God, the Blessed Virgin of Guadalupe, to protect both the Society of Jesus and the LGBTQ+ communities around the world.

With repeated love for the Holy Catholic Church in which we met Jesus, the all-inclusive One who caresses us in every good deed that He does for the Church and for the world, we remain at your disposal for any further information.

Mexico City, September 15th 2022

Chris Vella – GNRC Co-Chair 2019 / 2022

Ruby Almeida – GNRC Co-Chair 2019 / 2022 – –

Open Letter to Society of Jesus