The Theological Committe of the Global Network of Rainbow Catholics invites you to celebrate Pride 2021 with the launch of the Booklet “Catholic Sexual Conversations in a Diverse Church”. From now on you can download GNRC´s Theological Statement and watch its Live release event on our YouTube Channel.

Catholic Sexual Conversations Invitation

The Booklet Catholic Sexual Conversations in a Diverse Church was released on June 25 in a Live! streaming on GNRC´s YouTube Channel. This was the chance to gather and celebrate during Pride Month, through Theological reflections and group discussions with our wide rainbow community and allies.

Catholic Sexual Conversations Guests Carlos Martin Mary Kochurani

The session, moderated by our Co-chair Ruby Almeida, included the presence of special guests – from left to right and up/down – Mary E. Hunt (USA), Martin Pendergast (England), Carlos Mendoza Alvárez (México) and Kochurani Abraham (India) who delivered some significant reflections with us.

The gathering started with inspirational speeches by Martin Pendergast and Mary E Hunt, later followed by insights from Carlos Mendoza Alvárez (México) and Kochurani Abraham (India). We also had the chance to share with our GNRC community as well as to answer some questions from the the Live! audience.

Thhe Theological Committee offers the reflections on Catholic Sexual Conversations as a starting point for discussion. We invite people to use them as points of departure for conversations that will clarify and continue to enrich moral life in communities. The very act of engaging one another, even when we disagree, is part of being protagonists of our own faith. We wish abundant blessings on these efforts to enhance the Catholic moral tradition and bring about a revolution of love and justice.

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