The Global Network of Rainbow Catholics is thrilled to announce its participation in World Youth Day in Lisbon this August. Together with our colleagues, we will be supporting an empowering program filled with diverse activities and dialogue from the 1st to the 4th of August. Our central hub for these enriching experiences will be at Casa da Cidadania, 1750-155 Lumiar, Portugal, through the Arco-Iris Centre.

Schedule and Activities

The Centre will open its doors from 2 pm to 8 pm each day, with an exciting lineup that includes:

1st August 2023 (Tuesday) – 3pm to 7pm at Central Gerador

  • LGBT+ group fair
  • Construction of the Wall of Affections (a full week project)
  • Testimonial project (GNRC)
  • A delightful snack break

2nd August 2023 (Wednesday) – 3pm to 8pm at Central Gerador

  • Ad lib Play (3pm-5:30pm)
  • Round table “An Holistic Approach to LGBTQIA+ within the Church” (5:30pm-6:30pm) featuring insights from Teresa Toldy and Cristina Inogés Sanz

3rd August 2023 (Thursday) – 3pm to 7pm at S. Domingos Monastery + Central Gerador

  • Praying moment (3pm-4:30pm) – S. Domingos Monastery
  • Round table with Fr. James Alison – part I (5:30pm-7pm)

4th August 2023 (Friday) – 3pm to 7pm at Central Gerador

  • “Wonderfully Made – LGBTQ+R(eligion)” – Screening and Q&A with the Director and Executive Producer (3pm-4:30pm)
  • Round table with Fr. James Alison – part II (5:30pm-7pm)

Celebrating Inclusion and Faith

The program underscores the commitment to fostering an inclusive and affirming environment, both within the Church and in broader society. From testimonials and art projects to round table discussions with significant figures like Fr. James Alison, these events promise to be a source of inspiration, reflection, and community.

Join Us

For more information and updates, please visit our Instagram page: Centro Arco-Iris.

The Global Network of Rainbow Catholics invites you to be a part of this historic celebration. Let’s come together to embrace diversity, explore our faith, and foster a world where love, acceptance, and understanding thrive.