Photo by Steve Johnson on Unsplash

Despite a recent Supreme Court ruling in Kenya in favour of LGBT+ organisations, the backlash from government and Church leaders has created much hurt and violence for our communities. A few days ago, Uganda lawmakers approved the Anti-Homosexuality Act ordering harsh penalties for anyone who engages in same-sex activity.

Kenya and and Uganda crackdown

Co Chairs Marianne Duddy-Burke and Chris Vella issued a statement on behalf of the GNRC Board

‘It is deeply distressing that the Catholic bishops in Kenya and elsewhere in Africa, as well as other Christian denominations continue to insist that LGBTIQ people are an ‘ideology’, when modern Science itself is showing that diversity in gender and sexual orientation are variants in nature. We invite church leaders to look closely at the lived experience of LGBTIQ people and start a genuine and sincere dialogue with these people before issuing statements that are deeply harmful and dangerous. We appeal to people of good will to protect the human rights of LGBTIQ people and not tolerate any violence and discrimination’.