GNRC (Global Network of Rainbow Catholics) Latin America recently hosted a landmark event that sought to discuss the evolving relationship between the LGBTI+ community and the Catholic Church.

The event featured a distinguished panel comprising Luis García Orso S.J., a Jesuit priest and theologian known for his progressive outlook on religious inclusivity; Elisa Márquez, an activist renowned for her advocacy for LGBTI+ rights within religious contexts; Fidel Ramírez, a theologian who has extensively explored the intersection of faith and sexuality; and Ana Flavia Cháves, serving as the insightful moderator of the discussion.

Central to the conversation was the analysis of the ‘Fiducia supplicans Declaration’ and the response from the Dicastery for the Doctrine of the Faith to José Negri, Bishop of Santo Amaro, Brazil. This response addresses a pivotal question in contemporary Catholicism: the participation of homosexual and transgender individuals in the sacraments of Baptism and Marriage.

Our panelists delved deep into the Church’s historical stance and its gradual evolution towards a more welcoming approach to the LGBTI+ community, emphasizing the importance of understanding these advancements not as a break from tradition, but as a continuation of the Church’s perennial mission of love and inclusivity.

this conversation is a step towards dismantling long-standing prejudices and opening avenues for dialogue and understanding. The GNRC remains committed to fostering these crucial discussions, advocating for a Church that truly embodies Christ’s teachings of love, acceptance, and compassion for all.

We invite our readers to reflect on these topics and to join us in ongoing discussions. The journey towards inclusivity and understanding is long and requires the participation of all – believers, questioners, and allies alike. Let’s continue this conversation and work towards a future where faith and sexual diversity can coexist in harmony and mutual respect.