We are very happy to announce that there will be a Mindfulness Reflection gathering at a convenient time (finally!) for those living in the Asia Pacific Region on Saturday, October 9th. It is sponsored by the Australian Rainbow Catholics InterAgency for Ministry and the Asia Pacific Rainbow Catholics Network. Please download the invitation poster which gives more details or read the following info.

During this Mindfulness Reflection we will have:

  • Musical Introduction
  • Scripture Reflections
  • Christian Meditation – Silent Prayer

Date and Schedule: Our Mindfulness Reflection will be on Saturday, October 9th at:

  • 2 30 p.m. Mumbai
  • 4 00 p.m. Hanoi
  • 5 00 p.m. Perth, Manila, Singapore
  • 6 00 p.m. Tokio / Seoul
  • 7 00 p.m. Brisbane
  • 8 00 p.m. Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne
  • 10 00 p.m. Aukland

How to connect to the Mindfulness Reflection?

We will be meeting on the Zoom Platform in the following Channel (no password required)

Remember that our Mindfulness Reflection will be celebrated in English. If you want to receive the next dates for our scheduled gatherings or more info about the meeting, please send an email in English to Fr Peter Maher on petermaher@hotmail.com

If you live in other regions – and normally are not up in the middle of the night – still feel welcome and free to forward this announcement to anyone you may know living in the region who might be interested in joining other Catholics in silent prayer.

As an aside, the GNRC Contemplative Spiritual Formation Committee will also be hosting its regular gathering six hours later. For more information of our regular Contemplative Spiritual Formation Gatherings, just click in the following link.

It is truly wonderful that we will have two contemplative events on October 9th, at least one of which will have a convenient time regardless of where you live on our Mother Earth.

With gratitude for all of those planning the Mindfulness gathering on October 9th.

GNRC Contemplative Spiritual Formation Comittee