“Voices from LGBT Catholics in Western Africa” – Davis Mac-Iyalla

This report was commissioned by the European Forum of LGBT Christian Groups being concerned, that the voices of LGBT Christians from Western Africa were not well heard in the on-going discussion about the Family Synod of the Roman Catholic Church. It presents current experiences of LGBT Catholics living in the region and their opinions on the Family Synod. The findings are based on interviews conducted by Davis Mac-Iyalla with Catholic LGBT people in Ghana, Togo, Benin and Nigeria held from 14−31 March 2015.1

Country Reports:







Davis Mac-Iyalla is a Nigerian Anglo/Catholic gay Christian and founder of Changing Attitudes Nigeria working for the affirmation and inclusion of LGBT people within the church and wider society. Due to persecution because of his sexuality he fled Nigeria in 2006 to neighbouring Togo to continue his activist work but due to further persecution and threats against his life he sought asylum in the UK in the summer of 2008. In April 2015 he was naturalised as a British Citizen. He is a well-known gay Christian Activist, researcher and author and is often asked to speak on the plight of LGBT Christians in West Africa. Davis lives in London.

About Terence

Cradle Catholic, originally South African, now UK resident and British citizen. Activist for LGBT inclusion since 2004, originally with Soho Masses (London), later with Quest LGBT Catholics, Centre for the Study of Christianity and Sexuality, and European Forum of LGBT Christian Groups. Launched "Queering the Church" blog/website 2009, other satellite sites since. Also a father of two now adult daughters, and four grandchildren, so passionate about the value of family, and legitimacy of queer/rainbow families.
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