Abstract: It has the aim to be a simple opportunity to experience an inclusive, open to everyone, way to be Church; a space where meet for praying once a month in a parish of Rome, animated by Jesuits (San Saba); a place where joining up, sharing with other people his own spiritual experience starting from the personal state: civil or religious, elderly or youth, homosexual or hetero, single or married, cohabitee or divorcee…
All that starting from the meditation of the Word of God, according to the method of Saint Ignatius. A method that helps to relieve from prejudices on God, on himself and on the others, and to understand the voice of God in the core feelings.
The monthly meetings last approximately one hour and an half, on three moments: Lectio of a Holy Bible’s fragment, personal meditation, sharing in small groups. 30-40 persons regularly participate.

Pino Piva SJ. Born in Latina (Italy) in 1964. A priest since 1989, a Jesuit since 1996.
In addition to my training in Italy, I’ve continued my studies in Madrid (2000-2002) at PU Camillas.
I deepened my skills as Ignatian Spiritual Exercises’ Assistant in Gueph (Loyola house) –  Ontario – Canada in 2003-2003 and I finished my PH.D. in Theology in 2008 in Naples (Pftim – S. Luigi).
I’m currently national coordinator of Ignatian Spiritual Exercises. I work and live in Galloro-Ariccia (Rome), in our center of spitituality “Casa del Sacro Cuore”.