Pedro Labrin, S.J. (49) is a Jesuit priest since 1997 and lives and works in Chile. Currently, he is the national ecclesiastical assistant of the Christian Life Community (CLC/CVX) in Chile.

Since its creation in 2010, he accompanies the Sexual Diversity Pastoral Padis+, an initiative which, under the roof of the CLC, fosters the full inclusion of LGBT Catholics in the Roman Catholic community.

Pedro Labrin SJ_fotoSpeaking from his pastoral experience, he is known in his country for his media interventions in favour of the inclusion of sexual diversity in the Catholic Church.



Father Pedro Labrín: Interview published in the Spanish, magazine La Tercera (Chile), June 13, 2015 , page 6, ”Saquémonos los lentes oscuros: la Iglesia está llena de homosexuales”

English translation ‘Let us take off the sunglasses: the Church is full of homosexuals’. Carlos (Padis+ – CVX-Chile)