Online Reflections


New Ways Ministry: Wilderness Journeys / LGBTQ Lenten Reflections – Weekly.

Call to Action: Lenten Reflections – Weekly

We are Church Ireland: Reflections and preachings souce – Daily.

Vine & Fig: Weekly Podcast with LGBT+ Catholic Witnessing


Ichthys Sevilla: Evangelio desde Fuera del Armario – Cada Domingo (gmt+2)

Crismhom: Reflexión Dominical – Cada Domingo (gmt+2)

Red Arcoíris México: Daily reflection on times of Crisis – Daily from their Social Media accounts.

Lectio Divina Queer: Reflexión LGBT+ Católica en Video.


Caminhar na Diversidade: Desde Fora do Armario.

Cristao em Core: Weekly Reflection.


Progetto Gionata: Come passare proficuamente il tempo in casa.

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