Pedro Labrin, S.J. (49) is a Jesuit priest since 1997 and lives and works in Chile. Currently, he is the national ecclesiastical assistant of the Christian Life Community (CLC/CVX) in Chile.

Since its creation in 2010, he accompanies the Sexual Diversity Pastoral Padis+, an initiative which, under the roof of the CLC, fosters the full inclusion of LGBT Catholics in the Roman Catholic community.

Pedro Labrin SJ_fotoSpeaking from his pastoral experience, he is known in his country for his media interventions in favour of the inclusion of sexual diversity in the Catholic Church.



Father Pedro Labrín: Interview published in the Spanish, magazine La Tercera (Chile), June 13, 2015 , page 6, ”Saquémonos los lentes oscuros: la Iglesia está llena de homosexuales”

English translation ‘Let us take off the sunglasses: the Church is full of homosexuals’. Carlos (Padis+ – CVX-Chile)

About Terence

Cradle Catholic, originally South African, now UK resident and British citizen. Activist for LGBT inclusion since 2004, originally with Soho Masses (London), later with Quest LGBT Catholics, Centre for the Study of Christianity and Sexuality, and European Forum of LGBT Christian Groups. Launched "Queering the Church" blog/website 2009, other satellite sites since. Also a father of two now adult daughters, and four grandchildren, so passionate about the value of family, and legitimacy of queer/rainbow families.
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