Abstract: The 19-year long journey of grassroots LGBT Catholics, parents and families in becoming recognised as the LGBT Pastoral Outreach of the Archdiocese of Westminster.

Martin Pendergast has worked on LGBT Catholic issues in the UK since 1976. He is a founding member ofMartin Pendergast the ecumenical Lesbian & Gay Christian Movement, the Cutting Edge Consortium challenging faith-based homophobia & transphobia, a member of the LGBT Catholics Westminster Pastoral Council, and long active in the European Forum of LGBT Christian Groups.He has a Sacred Theology Licentiate (STL) from Rome’s Pontifical Gregorian University, a Master’s Degree in Theology & Social Sciences from Bristol University, and Postgraduate qualifications in Social Work from Middlesex University.

He contributes to a number of English-language publications on faith, sexuality and human rights topics. He marks his 40th anniversary and 10 years of Civil Partnership with Julian Filochowski in June 2016.

About Terence

Cradle Catholic, originally South African, now UK resident and British citizen. Activist for LGBT inclusion since 2004, originally with Soho Masses (London), later with Quest LGBT Catholics, Centre for the Study of Christianity and Sexuality, and European Forum of LGBT Christian Groups. Launched "Queering the Church" blog/website 2009, other satellite sites since. Also a father of two now adult daughters, and four grandchildren, so passionate about the value of family, and legitimacy of queer/rainbow families.
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