GNRC Second Assembly

We made many things before, during and after the Assembly days. We had the great chance to gather for pre-conferences for the Africa, Asia/Pacific and South American Regions. We prayed to God during the morning/night prayers, celebrated a liturgical service in the Carmelites Chappelle at Dachau and assisted to an amazing Mass at the Bürgersaalkirche. Also visited the Dachau Memorial and enjoyed the Christmas Markets in both Dachau and Munich. Of course we had time for sharing and meet each other during breakfasts, coffee breaks, meals and dinners!

We would like to thank to all the people and groups that contributed in the development of this álbum. If you or your group want to be part of it, please do not hesitate to send pictures via email at . They may include complementary information such as: date, group name, allocation and any inspirational idea or feeling you shared on that date.


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