1st Assembly of the Global Network of Rainbow Catholics


LGBT Voices to the Synod

LGBTI and Ally Catholics


1 – 4 October 2015

Rome, Italy

Invitation to the GNRC First Assembly: “LGBT Voices to the Synod”

This is the First Assembly of the Global Network of Rainbow Catholics, the foundational meeting of a new network that unites LGBTIQ Catholics, their families and allies worldwide. Under the title “LGBT Voices to the Synod“, this meeting took place from 1−4 October 2015 in Rome, on the opening weekend of the second Family Synod.

Principal milestones and activities of the Assembly:

  • Assembly Introduction: The inaugural Assembly of the GNRC brings together representatives from more than thirty countries.
  • First Assembly Assistant Groups: LGBTIQ Catholics communities and from all over the world reunited for the first time to dream for a new era for Pastoral Care.
  • Report of Activities: It was an inspirational gather in Rome, at the foundation conference of the Global Network of Rainbow Catholics.
  • Inspirational Prayer: Morning lecture lead by Joleen Mataele (Toga) about “Asking for ‘listening with a disciples ear’”
  • GNRC Steeering Committee: A SC was elected in the final day of the Rome gathering to develop an organizational structure, definition of office bearers’ roles and coordinate our next assembly.
  • GNRC Statement to the Synodal Fathers: The Groups gathered in Rome wrote a letter called “A New Era For Inclusive Pastoral Care Of LGBT People Is Going T Start After The Synod” to the Synodal Fathers as well ast o all our Catholics siblings worldwide.
  • First Assembly Album: Take a look into the moments and faces that of more than 70 LGBT Catholics, their families and friends, while they did the rump up for the foundation of the GNRC.

Ways of Love Conference

A significant series of case histories of pastoral care for LGBT people was brought to light at an international conference entitled “Ways of Love – Snapshots of Catholic Encounter with LGBT people and Their Families,” 3 October 2015. The witness and discussions included the following guests: Mary MacAleese (Ireland), Pedro Labrín SJ (Chile), Sr. Jeannine Gramick (USA), Martin Pendergast (UK), Rungrote Tangsurakit (Thailand), Pino Piva SJ and Sr. Anna Maria Vitagliani (Italy) and Bishop Raul Vera (Mexico). We´d like to share in particular two reflections and experiences about the need of LGBTIQ Pastoral care by two of the guests: