A GNRC Board was elected for the period 2018 – 2019

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The GNRC Board replaced the previous Steering Committee and is composed of regional, sexual orientation or gender identity representatives to provide a wide perspective and diversity to our Network management. The new Board chosen from the 32 groups of LGBTIQ Catholics, their families and friends were elected during the GNRC second Assembly on December 2017. Later, the Board through internal elections chose interim management roles. This was to enable the immediate signing of the GNRC Constitution which had to be filed for registration in Italy. Permanent elected roles on the GNRC Board for the period of 2018 – 2019 will be held in March.


Ruby Almeida (Quest, UK) is from India and was a Media Lecturer and worked at London Metropolitan University and West Thames College and is now a Freelance Trainer, and Chair of UK Catholic LGBTI group Quest. She is also part of the Gender Diversity representatives at the GNRC Board.

Christopher Vella (Drachma LGBTI, Malta) is a lecturer in History at the University of Malta Junior College. He is the Coordinator of Drachma LGBTI and a Board member of the European Network of Parents of LGBTI+ Persons. He is also the European representative at the GNRC Board.

Regional Representatives (others): Benjamin Oh for Asia Pacific (Acceptance, Australia), Brian Okollan for Africa (Upperrift Minorities, Kenia), Fernando González for South America and the Caribbean (Padis+, Chile), and Francis De Bernardo for North America (New Ways Ministry, USA).

Gender Diversity Representatives (others): Joseanne Peregin (Drachma Parents Group, Malta) and Joanita Warry Ssenfuka (FARUG, Uganda).

Legal Representative: Andrea Rubera (Cammini di Speranza, Italy).

Our Co-chairs Christopher Vella and Ruby Almeida have written an inspiring letter to our Community for the continuity of the tasks discussed during the regional pre-conferences and working groups in Dachau (English / Español / Français / German / Portugues / Chinese).