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It´s been almost two years from the first time the Global Network of Rainbow Catholics gathered, for its genesis in Rome on October 2015 and in parallel to the Extraordinary Synod of the Family. Since then Pope Francis, male and female religious, lay members and our local LGBTI pastoral care groups pronounced diverse speeches or took different actions related to LGBTI issues within the Catholic Church. While some of them are great approaches for justice and inclusion for LGBTI´s and their families, there are still many others that sustain the need to keep an open and direct dialogue with the whole Church and society. “We have made a lot of local efforts, but indeed a single and global voice with our lay Community, the Curia and the Vatican itself is needed”, explains Benjamin Oh, member of the GNRC Steering Committee and part of Acceptance Sydney (LGBTI Pastoral Care Group based in Australia). “We have made these journeys as independent initiatives, when there are a lot of synergies we can develop together as a Global Network”, complements Benjamin O.

So recognizing the benefits of the GNRC existence we are pleased to inform you that our 2nd GNRC Assembly will be held from 30th November to 3th December 2017 in Munich-Dachau (Germany). The conference title is “Hear a just cause” from Psalm 17. “Our time has come for social justice and our plea must be heard because it is indeed a just cause – and above all, urgent!” said Joseanne Peregin, also a member of the GNRC Steering Committee and part of Drachma´s Parents Group (LGBTI Pastoral Care Group based in Malta).

The venue of the Assembly is the International Youth Guest House (Jugendherberge Dachau) in Dachau, a suburb of Munich.


Host groups are “Homosexuelle und Kirche” (HuK), Homosexuals and Church, and the Catholic Queer Service from Munich. “We appreciate and would like to thank them for their commitment as we know that logistics and planning of this kind of task requires a lot of energy and good will”, expressed Ruby Almeida one of the two GNRC co-chairs and Director of Quest (LGBTI Pastoral Care Group based in London, UK), and then added “We´d like to thank those other LGBTI groups that, same as HuK, showed interest in being hosts and considered the many needs for this event such as inclusive accessibility, capacity and all the human resources involved”.

The main agenda will be the review and approval of our Concept Paper and the GNRC official foundation plus membership incorporation. Also, we will develop workshops for internal sharing and discussion of the LGBTI Catholic situation on a global level. Additional highlights of the program will be a visit to the Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial”.

A momentous highlight of the program will be a visit to the Christmas Market in Munich, a visit to the Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial, a Eucharist service in the “Bürgersaalkirche” in the city of Munich and a Bavarian dinner.

“We are pretty excited about gathering again. Last time we had the chance to learn and empathize about the wide experiences of our brothers and sisters in some countries of Asia, Africa, the Americas or East Europe, where LGBTI inclusion and justice is far from the achievements reached in the rest of the Occidental World”, added Georgina Adhiambo GNRC representative for Africa and part of Vowwek (Women’s organization in Western Kenya).

More information about general registration (including terms, conditions and payments) can be found here. Journalists and the Media interested are welcome, so please note the dates in your diary now. Scholarships for assistance are limited and subject to fundraising projects the GNRC has applied and awaiting approval.

Global Network of Rainbow Catholics 2017