Christopher Vella – Co-Chair

Christopher studied history and sociology at university and became a history teacher, first at the secondary school level and later as lecturer in a pre-tertiary University College associated with the University of Malta.  While his primary research has been on the history of Malta in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, he has recently begun research on LGBT realities there in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. He is currently working fulltime as Assistant Secretary general with the Malta Union of Teachers, representing educators in all sectors of Education. He is also Secretary of the Malta Historical Society and is Coordinator of Drachma LGBTI.

In 2015, Christopher attended the inaugural conference of the Global Network of Rainbow Catholics in Rome and was elected to the groups Steering Committee.  Over the next two years, he worked with the committee to create the framework and legal foundation of the GNRC.  In 2017, GNRC was established in Munich as an official Non-Governmental Organization registered in Italy.  Christopher was elected to the GNRCs first board of directors as one of the two Co-Chairs and was re-elected to the same role both in 2019 and in 2022.