Abstract: Spiritual accompanying in the existential frontiers.  It’s a training course over three week ends, sponsored by the Jesuits, for people who want to provide spiritual accompanying to people who are currently experiencing a situation of “spiritual frontier”; they want to promote an encounter between them and God with a view to an integration into the Christian community.
The horizon is spiritual, not only pastoral, we want to promote an evangelical view on frontier’s situations that call into question but actually want to be open to a meeting with the “Other”, different from me, but rich in her/his experience and her/his personal background to be heard and welcome… Therefore we are talking about “frontiers” that has to be lived in.
Consequently, this meetings intend to create places of welcoming and mutual and spiritual listening, a lab to develop walks of faith able to motivate life, to fell and enjoy the love of the Good Father, and to find the dimension of the ecclesial life again.

Anna Maria Vitagliani. I was born in Milan in 1973. After tertiary education and a few years working in my home town, I became a member of Religiouses’ Congregation of Nazareth, congregation of French origin, whose Charisma is the Mystery of Nazareth and whose mission is the educational field.AnnaMaria Vitagliani A Jesuit Priest is a co-founder and so has given an Ignatian mark to the congregation since its foundation. After the novitiate in 2006, I continued my theological and biblical studies and I deepened Spiritual Exercises.
I currently live in Pozzuoli (Naples), where I founded about one year and an half ago a new community with three other sisters. Our mission, that is still being defined with the bishop, is about both the educational and the spiritual field: teaching, biblical groups, spiritual support, Ignatian Exercises.
I collaborate with some publishers in the matter of Spiritual Exercises, one of which is “La Casa di Esercizi Sacro Cuore “ in Galloro, near Rome.