Steering Committee

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The GNRC Steering Committee is composed of 10 representatives from all continents. The Committee was elected from the 25 groups of LGBTI Catholics, their families and friends that were held during the GNRC first Assembly on October 2015. Later on July 2016, the Steering Committee voted trough an internal Chair Election its basic structure for management of the GNRC during the period of 2015 – 2017.


Ruby Almeida (Quest, UK) is from India and was a Media Lecturer and worked at London Metropolitan University and West Thames College and is now a Freelance Trainer, and Chair of UK Catholic LGBTI group Quest.



Michael Brinkschroeder (Homosexuelle und Kirche, Germany) is a German theologian and sociologist, working for the Ecumenical Working Group “Homosexuelle und Kirche”. He was founder of the “Study Group Gay Theology” (“Schwule Theologie”) and of the Queer Catholic Service in Munich. He was Co-Chair of the European Forum of LGBT Christian Groups 2011- 2015 and coordinates its Catholic advocacy activities.


Benjamin Oh (Acceptance, Australia) / Deputy: Francis De Bernado (New Way Ministry, USA)


Chris Vella (Drachma, Malta) / Deputy: Joseanne Peregin (Drachma, Malta)

Media and Communications:

Fernando González (Padis+, Chile) / Deputy: Eros Shaw (CCRC, China)