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  1. Robert SIMON says:

    Dear friends,
    Could you share on your website the information about the letter to the Pope about LGBT families? This letter was written by Franck De Bernardo (New Ways Ministry) with my support. It is sponsored by the European Forum of LGBT groups and New Ways Ministry. proposes to sign it.

    Robert SIMON

  2. My name is cecília de fátima and I’m a Portuguese documentary photographer based in Barcelona. You can know more about me my work at

    On the early 2015 I started a project called the sinners of love (when god is love and loving is a sin) about people whose both religious/believers and homosexual. I’m particularly interested in showing the conflict between a certain affective-sexual orientations of the believers and the condemnation of those orientations by the religious institutions.
    I believe that is very important to make this hidden reality public and help to come out of the closet to those believers that might don’t dare to do it or that feel that they are alone.
    Until now I made portraits of gay catholic and protestant believers. First of all I interviewed them, and based on what they told me, we agreed in what portrait would explain their case better. I’d like to extend this project to many other religions, such as Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, etc.
    So right now I’m looking for more people of these other religions to help me continue the project. I will do the same process: first I do an interview and then the pictures based on what was told me. I am interested in pictures that show the people identity and those that don’t. With some photography technics is possible to hide the faces, for instance.

    If you know someone, let me know, or help me to spread this message, please.

    I also will send this message by Facebook with an attached PDF with the text and some example photos.

    I look forward to your reply!
    Thank you!

  3. Enzo Bordonaro says:

    Hello 🙂
    I’m looking for a 8-days retreat this summer, somewhere in Europe, with a special invitation to gay Catholics…
    Even better, it’d be a retreat for religious men or women, or for priests.


  4. CARLOS JUAREZ says:

    hola..!!! les escribo desde buenos aires , en argentina, queria saber como podes
    participar de este movimiento…pertenezco a la comunidad mundial de meditacion cristiana , con sede en londres, a donde viajo una vez por año , alli estare la ultima
    semana del presente mes.
    muchas gracias ….

  5. Br Graham-Michoel Wills OSBC says:

    Please advise how a group is added to your links. Many thanks, Graham.

    • Fernando Gonzales says:

      Hi Br Graham-Michoel,
      Which Group link would you like to share with us?

      We are already working in the development of the new version of our site where we´ll have a specific place to give visibility to Catholics and other Christian groups that support LGBTI equality inside the Church. Is the one from the Intersex Trust?


  6. Stewart Homan says:

    I was wondering about the organization’s view on surrogacy and artificial insemination to enable same sex couples to have children. I know other non-Christian organizations support such methods to have children. I note that much of LGBTI material is about “love”. I would like to know how it might be explained as love to separate children from their natural parents?

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