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CP de GNRC N°17: Grupo Global de Católicos pide al Papa y al Vaticano que condenen la violencia contra las personas LGBTIQ en Ghana “Los ojos del mundo ahora están puestos en Ghana”

La Red Global de Católicos Arcoíris informa que la comunidad LGBTIQ de Ghana está siendo atacada a raíz de una carta de los obispos católicos de Ghana. English / Español / Portugues / Italian / French / Chinese 3 de … Continue reading

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GNRC PR N° 17: Global Catholic Group Calls on Pope and the Vatican to Condemn Violence Against LGBTIQ People in Ghana “The eyes of the world are now turned towards Ghana”

The Global Network of Rainbow Catholics reports that the Ghanaian LGBTIQ community is under attack following a letter from Ghana’s Catholic Bishops. English / Español / Portuguese / Italian / French / Chinese 3 March 2021. The Global Network of … Continue reading

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“Voices from LGBT Catholics in Western Africa” – Davis Mac-Iyalla

This report was commissioned by the European Forum of LGBT Christian Groups being concerned, that the voices of LGBT Christians from Western Africa were not well heard in the on-going discussion about the Family Synod of the Roman Catholic Church. … Continue reading

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LGBT Catholic Voices from W Africa: Ghana

I arrived safely in the city of Accra, Ghana on the 14th of March 2015. The last time I was in Ghana was in 2008 and I still have many friends there. The day after my arrival was Sunday and … Continue reading

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LGBT Catholic Voices from W Africa: Benin

In Benin, I met with three people who identify as transsexuals and are also Christians from different backgrounds. They wanted to be interviewed together. Their words were heartfelt as they told me that all they wanted from the society and … Continue reading

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LGBT Catholic Voices from W Africa: Nigeria

My next journey was to Nigeria, and I had to be extremely careful at this stage of my journey for my own safety and security. It was not easy crossing the border of Benin and Nigeria since the Nigerian Presidential … Continue reading

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