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Next gathering: “Women in the Church

The gathering program can be found here.

During this session we will review:

  • The theme of our meeting on 7 May will be the position of women within the Catholic Church.
  • Are there reasons why women should stay in a church that regards them as inferior?
  • After our check-in and meditation, there will be an opportunity to share our experiences and views. (Please see the attached program for more details, including a link.)

Date and Schedule: Our next gathering will be on Friday, May 7th at 9 a.m. Toronto (GMT-4); 10 a.m. Sao Paulo (GMT -3); 2 p.m. London (GMT +1); 3 p.m. Hamburg (GMT +2); and 9 p.m. Manila (GMT +8).

The meeting will be held on the Wisdom Chapel as ussual. Previous registration is required for the Wisdom Chapel – more information below – or send a message to 

How to connect?

Our Contemplative Spiritual Formation gatherings are held every two weeks in the “Online Meditation Chapel: An interfaith online meditation community.”.

Advantages of us going to this platform are:

(a) we use the same link for all of our bi-weekly gatherings; 

(b) our group which we’ve chosen to call Rainbow Contemplative Group has a presence on this popular site and may attract the attention of other LGBTQ persons and allies;

(c) once you’re registered you can participate in any other group.

As there are four virtual chapels, four groups can meet simultaneously. We will be meeting in the Wisdom Chapel.  We ask you to do the following in order to join us on each meeting:

a) See the Meditation Chapel website that can be found here to learn what it has to offer us.

b) Register to become a user.  You will be asked to follow the rules of conduct. Register as a chapel user here

c) At our start time click on the link for the Wisdom Chapel which will be sent to your registered email once you register. Then you click on Enter the Channel as it is shown in the picture.

Remember that our meetings are celebrated in English. If you need more information or want to receive the next dates for our scheduled gatherings, please send an email to Argel Tuson – – , Frank Testin – – or Jorg Schoenberg – ro

Attached there are copies of our previous meetings.

April 9th, 2021. The Definition of Who We Are”

March 26, 2021. The Truth of Our Experience

March 12, 2021. Re-visioning Spirituality and Sexuality” by Michael B. Kelly


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