GNRC in the News: Network´s Response to the CDF Responsum on Same-sex Union Blessings

Earlier this week, in a statement from Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith and approved by Pope Francis, the Vatican denied the possibility of the Church and Priests blessing same-sex couples.

We were deeply disapointed by this statement and the harm it will do to LGBTIQ Catholics, noting that so many Catholics already support and affirm the relationships of LGBTIQ people in their lives. You can read our full response here available in English, Spanish, Italian, French, Portuguese and Chinese.

Since then, reporters and journalists from across the globe have reached out to GNRC members, asking for our thoughts and comments. We want to ensure that the voice and experiences of LGBTIQ Catholics is heard. Check out the list below to read from GNRC officials respond to the Vatican’s statement:

Global News

Press Releases by Region

Several GNRC members and allies have also released their own statements on this issue, including to date:

Asia Pacific:

  • “Statement of Rainbow Catholics Philippines on the Responsum ad dubium of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith” by Rainbow Catholics Ph (Philippines),


Latin America:

North America:

  • “Vatican Statement Denying Blessings to Same-Sex Couples “Exacerbates Pain and Anger” for Gay Catholics” by DignityUSA (USA)
  • “NWM Calls Vatican´s Bans on Blessing Same-gender Couples and Impotent Decision” by New Ways Ministry (USA)
  • “FF Responds to the CDF Statement” by Fortunate Families (USA),
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