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Happy Pentecost🐦🔥 2020 and Happy Anniversary to CRISMHOM🌈. Whenever you are in Madrid, take your time to share with your friendly neighbors in @crismhom . Are you part of them?

On behalf of all the LGBT+ Catholics and their families from Latin America on Pentecost 2020, we´d like to say THANK YOU! GRACIAS! OBRIGADO!

Check how the LGBT+ Catholics from Latin America are callinf to celebrate together a Pentecost Vigil on Video 1Video 2Video 3 and Video 4.

It´s time to celebrate Pentecostés🐦🔥 in the Latino way! Be welcome to an Online Vigil🙏 on May 30th by 8 p.m. (gmt-3) in Spanish and Portuguese.

An open and massive LGBT+ Catholic online vigil will be held on May 30 through the Zoom Platform and will include more than 40 LGBT+ Catholic communities from Latin America.

Arch Matteo Zuppi of Bologna supports the message of the book Building a Bridge!📚 Have you read Fr @jamesmartinsj ‘s Book yet?

Meet Luis Clemente Moreno, the Diversity Representative in the GNRC🌈✝️ Board. Get more information about his biography and the Board composition in the following link.

GNRC Diversity Representative: Luis Clemente. Discover his biography and advocacy journey on his profile. Contact:

On the Day of the Ascension of Jesus✝️, @ichthyssevillacristianxslgbth 🐠share a reflection of the Gospel from Out of the Closet. What do you think of Jesus promise before his ascension?
Follow Ichthys on Facebook: @ichthyscristianoslgtbhsevilla

Ichthys Cristianos Inclusivos de Sevilla weekly shares a reflection in Spanish of one of its members considering the Sunday reading of the Gospel of the Week. This week the reflection is based on Matthew 28:16-20.

United as one LGBT+🌈 community in Prayer🙏 beyond walls and doors🏠! Are you ready to pray and connect with Jesus? Discover the Online resources available on our Website.

The Rainbow🌈 Catholics✝️ from Europe are always open to receive new members and allies to work for LGBT+ inclusion and justice in the Church! Are you part of one of these communities?

Meet Antonio Ortiz, the Latin America🌎 Representative in the GNRC🌈✝️ Board. Get more information about his biography and the Board composition in the following link.

GNRC Latin America Representative: Antonio Ortiz. Discover his biography and advocacy journey on his profile. Contact:

Discover about how LGBT+phobia🙁 was experienced by a LGBT+ Catholic✝️ and how he got over it😏 on #idahobit2020. “We are all One in Christ!”

On #IDAHOBIT2020, we´d like to portray how LGBT+phobia was experienced by a LGBT+ Catholic in his local Parish and how he got over it. Available in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian.

Our GNRC members would like to invite you to join #IDAHOBIT. Find their message in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Maltesse, and Chinese on Video 1Video 2 and Video 3.

Because you asked for it… find more LGBT+ Christian Vigils in your language for #idahobit2020 . Will you join the LGBT+ Catholic community as “We are all One in Christ!”?

Find a list of LGBT+ Christian activities linked to #IDAHOBIT2020 in you region or language on May 17th. Check daily as we are adding more meetings!

We would like to give you some tips to improve that important moment of the day and help you to join your LGBT+ sisters and brothers as well as our allies on IDAHOBIT 2020.

Because we are all one🌈 in Jesus Christ✝️ let´s meet on May 17th to pray🙏 against Homo, Bi and Transphobia! Is your Catholic group gathering to pray online or join one of the international meetings?

Congratulations to Efetá on its 13th Anniversary! VI-VA E-FE-TÁ!!! Are you part of one of the oldest LGBT+ Catholic communities in México? Meet them on Facebook on @efetamx

It´s Mary´s Month, so we´d like to pray and call on her in advanse to Mother´s Day. Thanks to @vineandfigco for the “Mary, Queer Liberator” pray, which you can fully read from its Instagram account.

Our LGBT+ sisters and brothers are waiting for us! Are you supporting your LGBT+ neighbor during lockdown?

The Rainbow Catholics✝️from Latin America enjoy to affirm and work for the LGBT+ community in the Church! Are you part of one of these groups?

Let´s follow our Good Shepherd✝️! Have you been lost and found by Jesus? All images are property of David Hayward – The Naked Pastor – Instagram / Facebook / Twitter @nakedpastor

Congratulations LGBT+ Catholics Westminster✝️: keep celebrating welcoming Mass for the LGBT+ Catholic community! Do you celebrate Mass with your LGBT+ community?

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