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We send greetings to all our transgender brothers and sisters in the wide Catholic community! Get visible and remain honest with you and the others. Your LGBT+ pastoral care group includes transgender members?

To celebrate the International Day of Transgender Visibility, we share with you the article “Transgender and Intersex people are invited to the table of the Church”

Jesus call us all to come out from our despair and sufferings! No darkness, no fear, just love and welcoming to all the people of God.
From which grave, trap or closet you had to come out?

We´d like to express our support and empathy during these difficult times as well as a message of hope and pray to everybody from the GNRC Board on the following video.

Find the full version of the “Corona Virus Prayer” from America Magazine in English, Spanish, Italian, French and Chinese.

We add to Pope Francis on yesterday’s extraordinary Urbi et Orbi! Let’s pray, stand safe and keep in touch with our loved ones and neighbors.

Online meetings have been fundamental to stay in touch during this Lent 2020 ????✝️. If you have an oncoming online meeting to promete it, just share it with us through direct message.

Meet Eva Callueng, the Asia-Pacific Representative in the GNRC Board. Get more information about her and the Board composition in the following link.

GNRC Asia-Pacific Representative: Eva Callueng. Discover his biography and advocacy journey on her profile. Contact:

We join Pope Francis (12noon Rome time), to invoke the Almighty, the omnipotent God, to recite at the same time the prayer that Jesus, our Lord, taught us” – the ‘Our Father’.

Sr Jeannine Gramick has supported the LGBT+ community???? from reflection and advocacy. Which tools use your community for LGBT+ Pastoral Care work?

Find more information about Sr Jeannine Gramick profile and work in the followink link.

We are not alone ???????????? in this quarantine! It was refreshing listening to the life experiences of people around the globe during the P&J Committe call. You are all in our thought and prayers ????????

Follow the Global Network of Rainbow Catholics in all its Social Media accounts. Find information About Us, Campaigns, Events, News, Articles and Multimedia content.

LGBT+ Catholics must be part of The Joy of Love called by Pope Francis! Read our review about Amoris Laetitia in the link on the Bio.

The Global Network of Rainbow Catholics Responds to Pope Francis’ Apostolic Exhortation, Amoris Laetitia – The Joy of Love

We celebrate the ethnical and cultural diversity ????????????????????????????????????in GNRC! We remind how our multicultural identity is part of our richness.

Diversity and Inclusion are part of LGBT+ Catholics DNA! Do you share with the elder and younger members of your pastoral care group?

Meet Dumisani Dube, the Africa Representative in the GNRC Board. Get more information about him and the Board composition in the following link.

GNRC Africa Representative: Dumisani Dube. Discover his biography and witness on Grant Me Justice. Contact:

LGBT+ ministry works for Justice and Dignity of Rainbow Catholics! Let’s pray for Detroit diocesis to be welcome and empathetic with the LGBT+ Catholic community.

Our LGBT+ community is reacting fast to stay in touch and unite! Search in the Members section to check in their social media who are taking actions during their local quarantines.

Let´s learn more from Jesus’s Prophetic Solidarity with Outsiders in this reflection written by Miguel H. Diaz.

It’s been two years after Marielle Franco’s tragic departure. We express our respect to this amazing african-descendant, lesbian and Catholic latín american woman.

If you´d like to read the full letter sent by Marianne´s daughter to Pope Francis, follow the next link.

We celebrate the 7 years of Pope Francis as the head of the Church✝️! Review some highlights of his period and our in deep reflection about Amoris Laetitia here.

A response from the Global Network of Rainbow Catholics to Pope Francis´Apostholic Exhortation Amoris Laetitia (The Joy of Love).

We pray that all of you and your families are keeping well and in this challenging moment we offer our thoughts and prayers to each and every one of you. ‘You are powerful and merciful.’

#lgbt???? recomended lectures for Lent. Do you have another witness or reflection reading to recomend or share on #lent ? We’ll be updating with more sources through the oncoming days

We must realize the impact of our Church officials in society and the LGBT+ community! Poland is an example of the positive or negative influence that our Church may have on society.

Congratulations to QueerGottesdienst München on its 18th Anniversary! If you live nearby Munich, QueerGD will be an open and welcoming space for you.

LGBT+ Catholics Westminster had an exceptional meeting with #popefrancis on 2019! If you want to join them on 2021 for a new Pilgrimage, visit

Congratulations to all women???????? on #iwd2020 ! Read the greetings message from GNRC Women’s Committe leader – Ruby Almeida – in the next link.

Women, women everywhere but no equality anywhere! An open letter to all our sisters on International Women´s Day from our Women´s Comittee Official.

Female #inclusion ???????? is critical and fundamental also for GNRC! Do you know any LBT+ #women or female ally who would like to contribute?

We all must support women’s???? #dignity and #justice in the Church and society! Do you recognize any of these issues in your region, parish or community?

We are Proud of our brave and strong women???? in the Catholic Church! Do you know another amazing example to share with us?

Join our sisters???? on March 8th and claim “We are the Change!” #equality in our Church must start now! For more information visit Voices of Faith

May the Ruah be with Us! Read our humble pray dedicated to all women on this week!

A welcoming Catholic Church is possible in Germany! More Bishops´Conferences open their hearts for the LGBT+ people.

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