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Read the full message from GNRC on Pride 2020 and a Poem to celebrate us all on

Find the Lay Catholic LGB Discrimination Report in the 21 Century and LIVE! transmission in the following link.

To all our sisters and brothers: We are Catholic… we are LGBTIQ… We are Indomitable!

Read the full message from GNRC on Pride 2020 and a Poem to celebrate us all on

Ready to celebrate #pride2020 🌈 in the Catholic✝️ way? Our communities are helding online Masses and Gatherings during this weekend to celebrate ourselves. Join us!

Last call📢 to all our friends🌈 and allies♥️: June 28, 4 p.m. (gmt+2)! 

Continue your #pridemonth 🌈 celebration joining us in our first Facebook/YouTube Live on June 28! All our LGBT+ Catholic friends will be there.

What happens on June 28 by 4 p.m. (gmt+2)😱?!?!? It’s our first GNRC Live🌈 on GNRC Facebook and YouTube Channels.

Get your Agenda📕📙📔📗📘📓 and don´t miss the date: June 28🌈! Get aware of how LGB Catholics strugles worldwide with discrimination in the Live launch of the Lay LGB Catholic Report.

Join us🤝 for the launch of the “Lay Catholic LGB Discrimination in the 21 Century Report” on June 28 in a Live transmission through the GNRC Facebook and Youtube Channels.

Bryan Massingale – Professor of Theology – invite us to the release of the “Lay Catholic LGB Discrimination in the 21 Century Report” on June 28 – 4 p.m. (gnt+2).

Sadly the LGBT+phobia😔 continues against LGBT+🌈 Catholic✝️ groups on Pride Month. Many of the GNRC communities have been threatened worldwide even during lockdown.

On World Refugee Day we must remember that we are all one in Christ Jesus!

Find Tania´s and Satomi´s Witnesses in the followink link and get aware of the lives of LGBT+ folks worldwide.

Congratulations to 🌈HuK on its 43th Anniversary! Frohes Jubiläum‼ Are you part of the huge HuK family in Germany? Meet them on Facebook on @HuK.eV

Save the Date because on June 28th GNRC has an important message to share with you! Let´s keep celebrating Pride Month.

The Global Network of Rainbow Catholics releases its first report about Lay Catholic LGB Discrimination in a Live broadcast on June 28.

Happy Feast of the Sacred Heart and Happy Birthday Fr Raul Vera. Discover the Bishop of Saltillo support for the LGBT+ community on today’s post.

Enjoy Fray Raul Vera presence in the Ways of Love Conference in 2015 as part of the GNRC Foundational Assembly.

Thank you all for reaching our first 1.000 followers 🥳 on Instagram📸! We commit ourselves to keep providing you with the best LGBT+ Catholic contents as well as information about our members and allies

Find and endorse the letter by Drachma Parents´Group of LGBTI Children and their allies in support to Fortunate Families after being banned by the Archdiosesis of Detroit.

Read the GNRC PR N°13 “Welcoming and listening to LGBTIQ+ people and their families – not banning – is the call by Pope Francis to our Shepherds” in support to the letter by Catholics Parents´ Groups of LGBTI Children.

GNRC welcomes Progetto Gionata 🌈✝️! Have you visited to find news, articles and reflections about faith and sexual diversity in Italian?

Pope Francis👴🏼 reminds us that, above all, God✝️ is LOVE❤️🧡💛💚💙💜on the feast of the Most Holy Trinity. Let’s celebrate Love and Pride during this day with our LGBT+ Community, family and friends. Are you meeting with them today?

More than 300 people👧🏼👨‍🦳👩🏻🧒🏽👩‍🦰👨🏾‍🦲 from all over the world🌎 will come together for a virtual celebration of Catholic LGBT+ Pride🌈. Register now on to join them on Sunday 14th by 3 p.m. (gmt-4).

We as LGBT+ Catholics🌈✝️ are not silent to the threat of racism👨🏾‍🦲👩🏻👨‍🦳👧🏼🧒🏽. Read Fr Bryan Massingale´s article about what we can do as Christians to get over racism in our hearts and society on National Catholic Reporter.

#blakouttuesday cause Back Lives Matters GNRC joins the campaign to express its empathy and consideration for the impact of racism worldwide and specially due to the events that surrounded the tragic death of George Floyd.

From the GNRC Key Goals and Objectives: We as GNRC support and lift up the voices of LGBTI people as well as racial, sexual and other discriminated minorities.

To celebrate Pentecost and the beginning of Pride Month, Latin LGBT+ Catholics gathered for the first time in a Vigil on Saturday 30. Did you live the experience?

Find the Full Witness of the first Latin American LGBT+ Catholic Pentecost Vigil in English and Spanish.

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