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A brave LGBT+🌈 couple👨🏼‍🤝‍👨🏻 asks for help in St Peter Square✝️! We as LGBT+ Catholics and their families must be aware of the critical situation our brothers and sisters face in Poland due to the “LGBT+ Free Zones”. More info on and the Dawid and Jakub account @jakubidawid

Greetings🌈🥳🟣 to Australian Catholics for Equality and @wear_it_purple in their celebration Day! Australia keeps working for inclusion and equality in the Catholic church and wide society. Are you part of the celebrations?

Great LGBT+ Witness Work🌈🎬 by the Marianists‼ This is what an inclusive Church is all about. Find the video in their YouTube Channel “Marianist Social Justice Collaborative” or click on

Catholic parish in Germany hoists 8-metre-high rainbow banner to show LGBT+ people “can be at home in our Church”. What an amazing example of support and inclusion! @queergemeinde_muenster . Get more info on

The Rainbow Catholics🌈✝️ from North America🌎 are always ready to work for social justice in the Church and society! Are you part of these communities? Do you know others in North América?

Konnichiwa!!! There is a LGBT+ Catholic Community🌈✝️ in Japan and is a GNRC member. Meet Nijiirono Tomoshibi on their Website or Facebook @nijiironotomoshibi

Like the Syrophoenician woman👩🏽‍🦳 who expanded Jesus’ vision✝️ by standing for her daughter’s inclusion, LGBT+🌈 persons can also teach and expand the vision of others within the Church. What do you think?

Read the full reflection of Miguel H Diaz about Jesus´Solidarity with Outsiders in the following link.

It’s the Solemnity of the Assumption🕊 of Mary👩🏻! We – all your children – join you in your revolutionary message “The Magnificat” (Luke 1:46-55).

Meet and share with the Asia-Pacific🌏🌈✝️ members of GNRC in a Live Webinar on August 29. You can register directly on . Get more info on Facebook @RainbowCatholicsAP or with the GNRC Delegate to

Ooops… Sr Monica👩🏻 did it again! A dream came true for Trans women🔵🟣⚪🟣🔵 in Neuquen due to the community efforts led by Sr Monica Astorga. This is the prophetic role we expect from all inclusive Catholics.

Do you want to help your parish💒 become more welcoming of LGBT+🌈 people and their families and don’t know where to begin? If the answer is YES please visit and get more information about how to develop LGBT+ Ministry in your community

Celebrate with SIGNUM @duhovikrestania 🌈✝️ their new anniversary if you are nearby Slovakia! Meet them on Bratislava or share with them in their online meetings. More info on

Spanish Jesuit✝️ @jmolaizola Issues Pride🌈 Week Letter in Support of LGBTQ Equality! Find the English version on or the Spanish original on

New booklet of LGBT+🌈 Catholic✝️ Witnesses from Brazil thanks to the @redecatolicoslgbt . Our witnesses is powerful, so visit and enjoy the stories as well as the beautiful illustrations from @belailustradora

Sr Maria Berzosa🧓🏼 is working a lot for the LGBT+🌈 Catholic✝️ ministry in Spain and Europe. She has written many articles for newspapers, shared with LGBT+ Catholic communities and even received awards for her constant support to us.

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