Paolo Alaqua – Secretary

Paolo Alacqua has represented Acceptance Sydney in GNRC since attending the Second Assembly in Munich in 2017. He joined the Membership and Nominations Committee at that time and served as Chair from August 2018 to August 2022. He also attended the Third Assembly in Chicago in 2019 and is a member of the Constitutional Committee. In these roles, he has become familiar with the policies, procedures and aims of the GNRC.

For Acceptance Sydney, he has served for many years as a committee member, public officer, and treasurer. He has organised Masses for the LGBTIQ+ community, retreats, Mardi Gras (Pride Parade floats and other Pride events), and various social events.

Paolo has worked for more than 30 years in the airline industry, most recently in commercial management positions. He has experience in managing operational matters across multiple global stakeholder groups; global relationship and partner management; policy design and compliance; business case development and presentations; and project management.

Among the current challenges he sees for GRNC are: maintaining a unified voice for LGBTIQ+ Catholics across multiple global regions; focusing on aligned priorities that advance the aims and mission of GNRC; and conducting the affairs of GNRC in an empathetic and consultatory manner. As Secretary, he sees himself as part of a team, focused on supporting the Co-Chairs in managing an efficient and well-organized Board, resulting in outstanding outcomes for GNRC and its members.