Victoria Rodriguez – Treasurer

We are all made of love, in likeness to our celestial Father. He made us to love and to be loved. Our love comes from Him so to negate our love is to negate Him.

Dr. Victoria Rodriguez (she) is a trans mother of 3 children. She has a PhD in Molecular Biology and works as a mathematics teacher in a public high school in Spain. As a bisexual Catholic, she belongs to several Catholic faith groups, such as Ichthys Sevilla, PADIS+G Sevilla, Trans Christians, CLC, Cursillos de cristiandad and the GNRC. Some of these faith groups are exclusive to LGBTQ people, others are diverse, and there are also those where she is the only LGBTQ person. But in all of them, she can be herself openly, share her faith in the community and try to draw closer to God. 

Victory: The Good News of the Gospel for a Trans Mother of Three – Crismhom