Press Releases from GNRC

Compilation of all Press Releases published by the Global Network of Rainbow Catholics since its foundation.


PR N°14: June 16, 2020. “There are still multiple forms of Church influenced discrimination in the 21st Century”

PR N° 13: June 11, 2020. “Welcoming and listening to LGBTIQ+ people and their families – not banning – is the call by Pope Francis to our Shepherds”

PR N°12: May 1, 2020. “We rejoice at Pope Francis’ action in helping a group of transgender women, because the Gospel is about examples of love beyond words”


PR N°11: July 24, 2018. LGBT Catholic Groups Ignored by Vatican WMoF: The GNRC is “deeply dismayed and disappointed” by the lack of response from officials overseeing the World Meeting of Families 2018 in Dublin, Ireland.

PR N°10: June 19, 2018. GNRC declares: “The Church is evolving in our affirmation and inclusion as LGBTI individuals but our families do exist and should be included in their recognition and dignity”


PR N°9: December 4, 2017. Almost 100 LGBTIQ Catholics from 35 countries gathered in Munich-Dachau: Results of the 2nd Assembly of the Global Network of Rainbow
Catholics “Hear a Just Cause” (Psalm 17,1) 


PR N°8: December 8, 2016. GNRC declares: There is no contradiction between being LGBTI and a religious vocational call

PR N°7: October 4, 2016. GNRC declares: The exaggerated rhetoric of Pope Francis against “gender” exposes the contradictions in his pastoral care for LGBTI people.

PR N°6: August 4, 2016. GNRC declares: Gender Identity is not a social trend or a sin against God

PR N°5: June 27, 2016. Pope`s apology to gays: “There are people we Christians could have defended and we didn´t”

PR N°4: June 19, 2016. GNRC calls on Pope Francis to condemn all LGBTQI hate and violence

PR N°3: April 11, 2016. Response of the GNRC to Amoris Laetitia: If the door is still not unlocked, maybe the key is under the mat?


PR N°2: October 25, 2015. Response of the GNRC to the Synod of Bishops Final Report: A new era for inclusive pastoral care of LGBT people is going to start after the Synod

PR N°1: October 3, 2015. GNRC responds to the Coming Out of Monsignor Charamsa