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GNRC Third Assembly Work Summary. Find all the agenda activities, regional pre-conferences, workshops work that will guide our future agenda, speeches presented by the guest theologitians, Official Album, statistics plus the greetings and the impressions from the delegates. Content available on Chinese, English, Español, French and Portugués.

LGBT+ Christians march on Sydney Mardi Gras 2020 under the statement “More Love”

New Book about LGBT+ Christians in México and Brazil: “Under the Same Sky”

GNRC LGBT+ Lent 2020 Album More friends sent us pictures on Ashes Day.

GNRC LGBT+ Lent 2020 Album Witness how our LGBT+ community celebrates Lent.

Join Padis+in Chile and meet their LGB Catholics or Parents of LGBT+ Children groups.

What’s the name of your  LGBT+ community? Discover some of our members names.

Let´s go for another year of inclusive LGBT+ pastoral care in Perú with COMOCAD !

GNRC Pride Album. Our brave LGBT Catholic Communities march as as well to unite their voice.

The students protested the reported forced resignations of two LGBTQ teachers.

Cammini di Speranza (Paths of Hope) needs you! They are open to all LGBT and non-LGBT people.

“Wilderness Journeys: LGBTQ Lenten Reflections”, reflect and write up short reflections.

Catholics Parents´ Group of LGBT+ Children. There are more than twenty Catholic parents´groups of LGBT+.

Get more information about transgender people and the Religious women and men who support them.

Get more information about transgender people and the Religious women and men who support them.

Happy #valentines_day to all our #lgbtq????#catholic families, friends and allies!

We send our love and prayers to the @rainbow_catholics_india family due to the loss of his member and co-founder @wendellrodricks .

Our friends and allies have written about the witness and live experiences of our sisters, brothers and families all over the world.

Throwback to Chicago! We got aware of the #diversity of strugles and oportunities that #lgbtq #catholics face worldwide.

Throwback to Chicago! We had great speechers in Chicago: Mary Hunt, Miguel Diaz and Bryan Massingale.

Throwback to Chicago! May God bless the #lgbtq????
#catholic community as we all claim #proud and #prophetic

Throwback to Chicago! What do you share with other people after attending your lgbt catholic community?

Throwback to Chicago! We made many friends and memories in Chicago from worldwide.

Throwback to Chicago! We’d like to thank DignityUSA for welcoming us and inviting us to join them on their 50th Anniversary.

Throwback to Chicago! The city itself was a great host and mentor for us during the visit.

Throwback to Chicago! Our delegates, guests and Board gave their best during five days of hard work.

Throwback to Chicago! How do you celebrate your faith in your local LGBT+ Catholic community?

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